7 Tips for Effective Selling

sales aids

Without sales, it’s impossible to have a successful business. We’ve compiled a list of 7 tips for effective selling that will make the shopping experience better for your customers while making your life easier! What are your tips for great sales and happy customers?

1. Greet your customers when they walk into your store or up to your booth. A friendly smile and eye contact let them know you truly care about them. Even when it’s been a frustrating day, stay positive!

effective selling
A smile goes a long way toward a happy shopping experience! (Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


2. Have a well-organized booth or store. Believe it or not, when customers aren’t overwhelmed by too many products or extraneous things and are able to easily find what they want, they’re more likely to buy them.

3. Make certain products are clearly labeled with the price. Selling is a yes or no question, and if a customer can’t find the price tag, their answer is far more likely to be “no”. Avoid an instant “no” by performing the simple task of putting price tags on your products.

4. Not only is pricing important, but so are signs! Make things easy for your customers by using signs to direct them to key areas of your store or specific parts of your booth. Use signs as sales aids to show customers where to find things such as new products and special deals.

sales aids

5. Attention to detail in your displays. Create displays that draw people in, paying attention to color choices, backgrounds, orientation, and other visual merchandising aspects. Product presentation matters! Arrange your items in an attractive, logical manner so that customers don’t have any trouble finding what they’re looking for.

Gems Tip: Try using jewelry trays and liners to keep items organized. And don’t forget that trays aren’t just for jewelry! They can be used to organize a whole range of items from ties to sunglasses (and much more).

6. Show them how to use your product. People like the experience of buying, and you can involve them in the process in a variety of ways. For example, do you sell beads? Have a display with a bead necklace on it so that customers can visualize how the beads will look around their neck. Are you going to an art show? Bring your jewelry making tools with you and work on something in your booth!

effective selling tips
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


7. Listen to your customers. You’ll learn a lot about what they want if you listen to what they say. After all, it’s important to remember that selling is all about giving people what they want. The easier it is for them to find what they want, the more you’re going to sell.


Visual Merchandising: 4 Ways to Attract Customers

How is visual merchandising used to attract customers? Or, before we answer that question, what IS visual merchandising? Visual merchandising means creating an atmosphere in your store through displays, sensory messages, colors and lighting, product placement, floorplan, etc., that will attract customers and keep them interested. It’s about creating an environment that logically flows and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time; it’s setting your store up in such a way that it generates more sales. Put differently, visual merchandising is the silent salesperson in your store that shows your customers where products are, how to use them, what to pair with them, and how they’ll feel when they use them. It can be as simple and basic as the cleanliness of your store showing customers how much you care about having their business, or dig deeply into how they think and will respond to where product is placed on the shelf.

(Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

It’s important to give time to visual merchandising because not only has it been proven to increase sales, but also helps you build a customer interest and engagement. The easier it is for people to navigate your store and find what they want (or find things that are interesting), the more likely they are to buy something.

Since visual merchandising is a vast topic, we’re going to break it down into a few posts to be able to go more in depth on these topics that are so vital to the retail world. To begin, here are a few key areas to focus on for effective visual merchandising:

1. Sensory messages. How does your store smell? What music do you have playing? What’s the overall “feel” of your store? Most importantly, are all of these things in line with what you’re selling? For example, if you’re selling elegant, high-end jewelry, chances are you’re not going to have Hello Kitty posters on the wall, boisterous pop music playing in the background, or the scent of bubblegum in your store. However, if your product is jewelry for young teenage girls, it might be the sensory feel you need. Be careful to send your customers the right sensory messages!

Color is also a sensory input and can influence moods just like smells and sounds can. (Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


2. Show them how your products will look at home. Especially for jewelry or fashion stores, it’s important for your customers to be able to see how they’ll look in your products or how they will use them at home. Otherwise, why buy them? Use displays that accurately depict how a product is used or worn, keep mirrors handy for seeing items they try on, and make sure lighting is conducive to good viewing.

Have a jewelry store? Display jewelry sets with a combo display so that customers will get a feel for how items will look paired together.


3. Change displays often. At a minimum, changing display themes every other month (6 main themes per year) is recommended.  If you can manage it, it’s a good idea to switch displays around weekly (or monthly, if weekly is too daunting) so that customers will always be seeing something new when they enter your store. Seeing new products when they enter your store will keep them coming back to see what else you have to offer.

4. Clear focal points. Don’t overwhelm or confuse your customers by having a display that doesn’t have a clear focal point or any visual balance (especially in window displays!). If they are having to look all over to find the point of a display, they won’t stick around. We’ve read that the average customer only views a display for 2-5 seconds. While this may not be true, it does give us an idea of how little time people spend looking at a display. If they can’t figure it out what you’re trying to convey very quickly, they’ll move on to a display that does.

Remember the rule of three. People tend to view things in sets, so if you have a tall display, have a "tall, "taller", and "tallest" element. Risers are perfect for helping to achieve this effect.

Add Your Logo

Do you know how easy it is to add your logo to your products with Gems?

Here’s how:

1. Go to www.gemsondisplay.com and find the products you love with the “add your logo” icon next to them. Any of these items can have your logo on them!

2. Click the graphic, and upload your logo.

3. Our talented print tech, Jeff, will take your logo and make a mock up so that you can see how it’ll look. He’ll email it to you for your approval before moving forward.

4. Once he has your approval, he’ll make your printing plate (at NO extra charge!), carefully print your logo on the products you’ve selected, and then ship them off to you!

Could that be any easier?

P.S. But really, if you do have any questions at all, please give us a call at 1-888-317-2213 or email Jeff at logo@gemsondisplay.com. We’d be so happy to help walk you through the process!




Custom Logo Printing: Products

earring cards
Add your logo to earring cards!

You already know that you can get your logo printed on many of the products you use every day (and you know how much this helps you with branding) but one question remains. Which products can you add that logo to? It’s a wonderful question, really, and the answer won’t disappoint you! There are so many options for products that can have your logo added. You can learn more as you continue reading, or visit our home site and browse your favorite products to see if they have the “add your logo” icon next to them.DisplaysA wide variety of popular displays can be imprinted with your logo so that your customers are familiarized with your logo as they browse through your store. Products such as acrylic watch display stands, all white leatherette displays (such as this t-bar display), 3D necklace, ring, and gem displays such as this 3D earring display, and more!

Earring Cards

Earring cards or display cards are another way to make your logo visible as they hang on a rotating display or are placed on a creative earring display. You are able to print on a variety of display cards from the Sterling Silver earring cards to the regular 1 ½” square earring cards to bracelet and necklace cards.

Gift Packaging

Send your customers home in style! Add your logo to your gift packaging process by having it printed on your gift bags. They won’t be able to forget you when they get home and open their bag again to see the products they are excited to have purchased (and everyone who sees their bag will also see your logo!).

gift packaging
Brand with gift packaging.

Jewelry Boxes

Be part of every special jewelry moment by adding your logo to your jewelry boxes. Whether it is the inside of an engagement ring box, a pair of anniversary earrings, or a just because necklace, you want to be there. Print your logo on your jewelry boxes and be part of these lasting memories—your customers will come back for more happy moments.

jewelry box
Logo printed on a jewelry box!
Happy printing!

Branding with Custom Logo Printing

necklace box
necklace box
Branding is imperative to your business. Having a strong brand is what keeps your customers coming back to you instead of finding someone else.It is also the way in which you create a lasting image for your store through a variety of factors to give your customers a clear picture about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. You can brand yourself through the colors you use, your customer service techniques, where you place your logo, and the type of products you sell, among other things.All of these factors are important, but one of them is especially easy. What is it, you ask? Branding with your logo!Your logo is an excellent way to brand yourself—especially if you use it strategically. Placing your logo—the mark of your brand—where your customers will see it often without feeling like it is being thrown at them is one of the best ways to keep your store and your image fresh in their minds. This is easily done with custom logo printing!Having your logo custom printed onto displays, earring cards, gift bags, jewelry boxes, and more is the way to have your logo seen over and over again. This insures that your customers will see your logo while they are browsing your products, again when they get home and take your products out of a gift bag printed with your logo, and again when they take their beads or jewelry out of the jewelry box that has your logo on it. There are many opportunities for branding with custom logo printing.
Brand with your logo!

Getting set up with custom printing couldn’t be any easier with services like the one Gems on Display provides. Don’t hesitate—start branding!

3 Simple Ways to Create Displays

Creating displays is a vital part of your business. You have quite a challenge set before you when making displays for your store; you want to create something that will complement your products and grab the attention of customers, but not be overwhelming (or boring). There is a fine balance between creating the type of display that will bring attention to your products and creating a display that will distract your customer from your products with too many colors or props.

Follow these three simple tips for creating beautiful displays every time!

1. Know your customers. By knowing their likes and dislikes, you’ll be able to tailor your displays to things they will find attractive, and therefore be more likely to want. It also helps you with branding when you know what your customers are wanting.

t-bar display
T-bars can be used for more than necklaces and bracelets!

2. Make your display fun! Create an eye-catching display with the use of colors that complement one another, fun props that are part of your display’s theme, and add texture and color with floral arrangements or tissue paper poms.

3. Don’t do too much. Your product should always be the focal point of your displays and everything you do with your display should be to complement your product, not distract your customer. Too many props or colors will draw the attention away from the product you want to sell, so keep your displays simple and effective.

acrylic riser
Accent T-bar displays by adding height with an acrylic riser.

What things do you find the most helpful in creating an effective display?

Build Your Brand with Packaging

The summer season is well underway and since these tend to be slightly slower months before some busy holiday seasons, this is an excellent time to be thinking about display ideas and branding. Let’s start by going over some gift packaging tips and ideas.

Packaging is more than wrapping a product in tissue paper and placing it in a box or gift bag; it is a way to show your customers how you perceive their business and your store. You can show your customers that you think highly of your business by choosing colors and styles that complement your products. By carefully packaging purchases, you’re showing your customers that you care about their business even after the sale is made.

Did you know that you can increase brand awareness with packaging?

As we briefly mentioned, packaging can be used to further your store’s image by creating a gift packaging experience that will stay in the minds of your customers. This process can start with something simple, such as wrapping the purchased items in colored tissue paper and a matching bow.

Beyond these basics, if you view packaging as part of your store’s image, you can utilize packaging to increase brand awareness and make it a brand building solution. A brand can’t be built with a box, but it can be built with a comprehensive program.

What do we mean by a comprehensive packaging program for branding? Everything, of course! Every part of packaging can be used to build your brand, from jewelry boxes to bags to imprinting logos on boxes. Seize packaging as an opportunity further your brand’s reputation by recognizing that this is an imperative part of your store’s image.

Some jewelry supply stores are able to assist you in building a packaging program for your specific company. Let your creativity abound this summer as you discover new ways to build your company’s image through packaging!