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Brown Burlap with Glass Lid Jewelry Showcase Display Tray
Burlap tray with clasp, fantastic for displaying your collectibles and keepsakes. Tiered Pricing: the more of these glass jewelry display trays with lids you purchase, the more you'll save!
Brown Burlap with Glass Lid Jewelry Showcase Display Tray
SKU#: CS-8305N-N3
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Product Description

Product note: This tray will not work inside an aluminum carrying case.


Color: Burlap.


Material: Burlap-wrapped case with a glass top.


Size: Measures 14 3/4" x 8 1/4" x 2 1/8".


Description: This tray is beautiful for displaying your products! The glass lid and antique bronze clasp make this an elegant and useful tray to have. Your customers will easily be able to view your products through the lid, and you'll be able to keep them safely in place and protected. Inserts sold separately.
Product Specifications

jewelry tray with glass lid
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