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Trays and Liners

Gems On Display stocks jewelry trays and utility trays for jewelry travel cases and jewelry displays. These trays come in industry standard sizes, and are available in different material choices. All tray inserts are sold separately from the trays allowing you to customize your display trays for jewelry to fit your specific needs. Our extensive selection of inserts will transform your jewelry display tray into the look you need.

Trays and Liners


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Quality products
Quality products, great service and quick shipping!
Marla Chavez

Fantastic service
From the get go, I knew this was going to be a good experience. They helped me every step of the way making sure I was happy with everything. I will be placing all my jewelry needs through them from now on. Thank you so very much.
Stephen Clark
Jewelry storage trays come in various styles, colors and depth but only two sizes in length and width (full size and half size). To simplify your selection we have listed the trays as full size and half size. Keep in mind that half size jewelry tray inserts will fit in half size trays and full size trays will fit full size liners. Tray depth is an important consideration when selecting your jewelry storage tray. It is best to determine the depth required for the items that you would like to store and then select the tray according to the accommodating depth requirement. Gems On Display stocks trays ranging in depth from 1” to 4”.
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