Fall In Love with Your Craft: Displaying Your Mandala Stones

In a world of DYI and personal expression, it’s easy to pick up a fun and fascinating hobby. Just as easily, these hobbies can go to the waist side. No doubt, this is a tragedy to creative types. This “out of sight, out of mind” mentality can be avoided though with careful planning around displaying your projects for all to see. One popular hobby is creating Mandala Stones. Mandalas, with their intricate patterns and symbolic meanings, have captured the hearts of many art enthusiasts and truth seekers. Whether you create mandalas as a form of meditation or simply as a visually appealing art form, choosing the right display option can enhance the overall impact of your creations and keep your hobbies close to heart. In this blog post, we’ll explore various display options to showcase your mandalas in all their glory.

Framing your Elegant Mandala Stones

Mandala Stone on a Shelf

Framing your mandalas is a classic and timeless choice. However, the unique shape of the rock is difficult to display in this fashion.  A great option for this is a dynamic frame. This display is great for framing uniquely shaped items. It adds a touch of sophistication and makes your artwork ready to display on any flat surface.  This option works well for both small and large mandalas, allowing you to create a gallery-like display in your living space.

Add and Earthy Riser to your Mandala Stone

Mandala Stone Resting on a Burlap Riser

Burlap risers are a great solution for your stones in an aesthetically pleasing way. These risers go with a wide variety of home décor. Boho, country, and rustic themes perfectly pair with the texture and color of the burlap. Transform your mandalas into functional art with an accentuating riser.

Simple Elegant Liners

Mandala Stone Resting in a Tray

Liners are simple, but add so much to the feel of the mandala stones.  These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of zen to your living space. These displays offer a versatile and eye-catching way to display your mandalas, and can add a full feel to your space.


The display options for your mandalas are as diverse as the mandalas themselves. Whether you choose a classic framed look, go for a liner, or opt for unconventional options like a riser, let your creativity guide you. Experiment with different options to find the one that resonates with your artistic vision and brings your mandala stones to life in the most enchanting way.

Remember, the beauty of mandalas lies not just in their creation but also in how you choose to share them with the world. Embrace the journey of exploring unique display options and let your mandalas become a source of inspiration for those who encounter them.