Want More Sales? Make Shopping Easier for Customers

increase sales
Are you making shopping easy for your customers?       (Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Do you want more sales and wonder why they’re not coming in? There’s a chance you might be making your customers work too hard!

ItÔÇÖs no secret that people who are out shopping donÔÇÖt want to work hard at finding things. But are you doing all that you can to make things easy-as-can-be for your customers so that your sales will increase? Follow these simple tips to make buying so easy for your customers that they wonÔÇÖt be able to resist!

1. Keep your products at eye-level or lower. People donÔÇÖt like to look up more than they have to (or bend too far over, for that matter). It might sound silly, but watch your behavior the next time youÔÇÖre browsing through a store or booth, we bet youÔÇÖll find yourself looking at the lower items more than the higher ones!

2. Display products in such a way that customers can try them on. If a customer can easily try a bracelet or ring on, theyÔÇÖre more likely to buy it because they become familiar with and attached to it as they wear it. This also cuts out the step of, ÔÇ£Hmm, would that bracelet look good on me? Would it match my style?ÔÇØ When your customers can see themselves in your products, they wonÔÇÖt have to do any guesswork about whether or not theyÔÇÖll like it. Design your displays so that customers feel comfortable enough to try something on if they like it, not as if theyÔÇÖre going to mess up your display if they touch something.

portable folding mirror
A portable folding mirror makes it easy for customers to see how your products look on them. Make it easy for them to fall in love with your jewelry!

3. Pair matching or complementary products together. Again, donÔÇÖt make your customers have to look for matching earrings and necklaces, because they might not take that extra step. But if you do the work for them and display these items together, or suggest them while they are browsing, youÔÇÖre more likely to sell two or three items instead of one.

jewelry combination stand
Make it easy for customers by giving them suggestions for which products go well together. Jewelry combination stands make this easy!

4. If you’re selling beads or gems, do your customers have to think about how to use your products, or are there examples in your display setup? If you’re selling gems, show customers how they’ll look when set in a ring or necklace. If you’re selling beads, show customers example of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that can be made with your beads! This will help them envision the things they will be able to create with your product and make them want it.

What things have you found that make for smooth sales?

Holiday Wish List

There are a few items that we have on our wish list this holiday season, and we just couldn’t wait to share them with you. We’ve picked our top 5, but we’d love to hear what is on your wish list!

5. Jewelry Attache Case III. This is perfect for the person in your life who travels with jewelry or does shows! Holds rings, necklaces, two half-sized velvet pads and has a key lock for safe-keeping.

4. Jewelry Attache Case II. A larger version of #5, this jewelry case also has a combination lock and two full-sized velvet pads for displaying!

3. Rotating Metal Earring Stand. This rotating earring stand doesn’t just work as a great store display! It’s the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves her earrings and wants to keep them organized. It holds up to 96 pairs of earrings, and has some beautiful metal detailing at the top.

2. Combination Stand. This beautiful stand is a great gift for someone who loves to be organized with their jewelry. Holds up to 20 pairs of earrings and 20 necklaces.

1. Wooden Bead Display Organizer. Do you know someone who loves beads? This is the perfect gift! This bead organizer allows them to organize, store, and display their beads in a simple and elegant way.

Ideas for a Great Display Case

CREATE a showcase display that will capture the interest of your customers while highlighting the unique qualities of your products with these three simple ideas for a great display case. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a display that you (and your customers) will love.

1. Stick with basic colors, such as white or black. White tends to be the most popular choice for showcase displays because of it’s elegance and simplicity, but black can be a great option for lighter colored jewelry that you want to stand out.

White displays are a popular choice for showcases.


2. Choose the appropriate height for displays. Since display cases dictate the height of your displays, you’ll want to choose display items that aren’t too tall. There are many displays that are created especially for display cases, such as showcase trays, or items like this mini necklace bust that still allow you to display necklaces without the height of a typical necklace bust.

necklace bust
This mini necklace bust is perfect for display cases!


3. Keep away from clutter! If you try to put too many things into a display case, your customers won’t know where to look or what to buy. An easy way to direct their attention to particular items is to utilize signs as┬ásales aids. A well-placed sign will catch the eye of your customer and pull it to the product you’d like them to focus on.

Direct attention to products with a well-placed sign.


3 Fall Picks

Fall Picks

Can you believe that fall is right around the corner? It seems like we should still be picking cucumbers from the garden, swimming in the lake, and packing for vacation!

Of course, fall is exciting, too! Pumpkin cookies, changing leaves, cooler weather, and brand new fall displays. We have a few of our favorites for fall that we’d like to share with you! The following three products are among our favorites, but we have a feeling we’ll have a few more for you before the fall season is over. These linen displays in particular draw our interest because of their ability to match with honey gold tones or deep chocolate browns, which are appearing in many fall color schemes this year!

1. We just love this bracelet display! Can’t you see it stacked with sparkly bracelets all the way up to the wrist? Use your creativity when building a display with this piece in the center. It’s a fantastic way to display several bracelets at once, and to grab your customer’s attention with a unique display that won’t take away from your product.

2. How about rings? It can be a challenge to keep rings organized and easy-to-be-seen, so we’ve searched far and wide for a product that is beautiful and functional. Here’s the ring display we love, and you can choose from three color options depending on your style!

3. We haven’t forgotten about earrings! Our fall pick for earrings are these earring t-bars. We think they’d be perfect in a boutique, or any type of creative, unique display. You’ll love how they make your earrings stand out.

Go Away with a Mobile Display

travel kit for mobile displays

travel kit for mobile displays

Doing a lot of traveling to shows this year? Keep everything organized with a collection of mobile display items from Gems! This month we are featuring the 91-4B Premium Carrying Case with Wheels,  which holds 12 of the black stackable trays (TY-0011-BK), and a variety of you-pick-what-fits-you tray inserts. We have inserts of all types, from compartments to rings to velvet liners.

Traveling can be stressful, especially when your mind is focused on your show. You can keep part of that hassle to a minimum by keeping your jewelry, gems, or beads organized and ready for display. Take away the stress of wondering how you are going to get your products to the show safely ┬áwith a carrying case! Our featured carrying case has a pull-out handle and wheels for easy transportation, as well as a dual zipper side-loading design that makes pulling the trays out easy. It measures 16″ x 9″x 13 1/2″. Need something bigger or with different features? We have a wide variety of other carrying cases┬áthat are sure to meet your needs!

The featured carrying case holds our stackable black trays to keep them from sliding around in the case, but you are able to choose the type of tray liner that best suits your needs.

Carrying beads or gems? Give the gemstone tray liners a try!

Carrying bracelets, earring, or necklaces? Find a compartment liner with the right number of compartments for your products!

Wait, we’re forgetting rings, you say? Not for a second! We have an entire category dedicated to ring tray liners just for you!

Don’t forget to browse our┬ávelvet tray liners for displaying, too. Simply place jewelry on the liner for an instant elegant display. Any of our full-sized tray liners will fit into a regular-sized tray because we know how important it is for you to be able to customize your tray inserts.

Here’s to stress-free and organized traveling!

If you have any questions about the best carrying case or inserts for your products, give us a call at 419-830-3104! We know our products and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect option. For display inspiration, check us out on Pinterest. 

How Do You Choose A Showcase?


A well-built showcase can optimize the effectiveness of your companyÔÇÖs displays. Many display cases that are being sold in todayÔÇÖs market are made from insufficient materials such as particle board and plastic, or are assemble-upon-arrival. Quality showcases have specific, apparent elements that show your customers you are dedicated to high quality in your store.

What should you be looking for in a display case? We have three key things that we believe are most important when purchasing a display case.

1. A fully assembled showcase. Purchasing a fully assembled case might be slightly more expensive initially; however, there is no match for the quality found in a ready-to-install and fully assembled case. Many of the self-assemble cases that are on the market are made with materials that are unable to withstand the demands of an elegant, quality display case.

2. Tempered glass. ┬áA case with tempered glass has added strength for prolonged use. Unlike plastic, which can easily scratch or wear out, a glass case will add time to the lifespan of your showcase, while giving it a classic style that will fit your storeÔÇÖs image.

3. High quality design. A case with a built-to-last design, high quality materials, and workmanship is the type of case worth an investment. A showcase such as these full vision jewelry displays, is the type of display that your company can use to show customers your attention to detail and quality.

With these essential components in a showcase, you will be able to find a showcase that retains value while fitting the needs of your store.