Fall In Love with Your Craft: Displaying Your Mandala Stones

In a world of DYI and personal expression, it’s easy to pick up a fun and fascinating hobby. Just as easily, these hobbies can go to the waist side. No doubt, this is a tragedy to creative types. This “out of sight, out of mind” mentality can be avoided though with careful planning around displaying your projects for all to see. One popular hobby is creating Mandala Stones. Mandalas, with their intricate patterns and symbolic meanings, have captured the hearts of many art enthusiasts and truth seekers. Whether you create mandalas as a form of meditation or simply as a visually appealing art form, choosing the right display option can enhance the overall impact of your creations and keep your hobbies close to heart. In this blog post, we’ll explore various display options to showcase your mandalas in all their glory.

Framing your Elegant Mandala Stones

Mandala Stone on a Shelf

Framing your mandalas is a classic and timeless choice. However, the unique shape of the rock is difficult to display in this fashion.  A great option for this is a dynamic frame. This display is great for framing uniquely shaped items. It adds a touch of sophistication and makes your artwork ready to display on any flat surface.  This option works well for both small and large mandalas, allowing you to create a gallery-like display in your living space.

Add and Earthy Riser to your Mandala Stone

Mandala Stone Resting on a Burlap Riser

Burlap risers are a great solution for your stones in an aesthetically pleasing way. These risers go with a wide variety of home décor. Boho, country, and rustic themes perfectly pair with the texture and color of the burlap. Transform your mandalas into functional art with an accentuating riser.

Simple Elegant Liners

Mandala Stone Resting in a Tray

Liners are simple, but add so much to the feel of the mandala stones.  These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of zen to your living space. These displays offer a versatile and eye-catching way to display your mandalas, and can add a full feel to your space.


The display options for your mandalas are as diverse as the mandalas themselves. Whether you choose a classic framed look, go for a liner, or opt for unconventional options like a riser, let your creativity guide you. Experiment with different options to find the one that resonates with your artistic vision and brings your mandala stones to life in the most enchanting way.

Remember, the beauty of mandalas lies not just in their creation but also in how you choose to share them with the world. Embrace the journey of exploring unique display options and let your mandalas become a source of inspiration for those who encounter them.

Unravel the Enchanting Opulance with Blue Leatherette Jewelry Displays

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In the world of jewelry, presentation is more than just packaging—it’s a reflection of the artistry and craftsmanship that go into each piece. Enter blue leatherette jewelry displays, a choice that seamlessly blends sophistication and style. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why blue leatherette displays have become a staple for jewelry enthusiasts and businesses alike. From their aesthetic appeal to their functionality, these displays elevate the way we showcase and appreciate jewelry.

The Enchanting Allure of BlueA Tranquil Hue

Stand Out Blue Leatherette Jewelry Displays

Blue is a color that symbolizes calmness and tranquility. It’s no wonder that blue leatherette jewelry displays exude a sense of serenity that beautifully complements the brilliance of jewelry pieces. The rich and diverse shades of blue, from deep navy to soft sky, allow for a wide range of design options to suit different jewelry styles.

Blue, with its timeless appeal, adds an air of sophistication to any presentation. The richness of leatherette in shades of blue creates an exquisite backdrop that enhances the visual impact of jewelry. Whether it’s the sparkle of diamonds or the luster of pearls, blue leatherette sets the stage for jewelry to shine.

Versatility in DisplayEnhancing Contrast

Blue Letherette Half Moon Display

Blue leatherette jewelry displays play with contrasts to highlight jewelry pieces. The subdued elegance of blue enhances the brilliance of gemstones and metals, making them stand out. This versatility allows for a harmonious display of various types of jewelry, from delicate earrings to statement necklaces.

Blue is often associated with luxury, making it an ideal choice for high-end and boutique jewelry presentations. Whether you’re curating a collection with a nautical theme or a celestial vibe, blue leatherette displays can effortlessly convey the intended ambiance.

Functionality and Protection – Durably Protective

11 - Clip Ring Blue Leatherette Jewelry Display

Leatherette, with its synthetic composition, offers the durability of leather without sacrificing ethical considerations. Blue leatherette jewelry displays provide a protective cushion against scratches and impacts, ensuring that each piece remains in pristine condition.

Blue leatherette is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your jewelry displays retain their elegance over time. This is particularly crucial for businesses that need consistent and reliable presentation materials.

Personal and Professional Use – Business Branding

Blue Leatherette Jewelry Necklace Presentation Display Folder

For jewelry businesses, blue leatherette displays offer an opportunity for branding. By incorporating branding elements like logos or slogans onto the displays, businesses can leave a lasting impression on customers while maintaining a cohesive and polished image.

On a personal level, blue leatherette jewelry displays make for exquisite gifts. Presenting a loved one with a jewelry piece nestled within a blue leatherette display adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and luxury to the gift-giving experience.


Blue leatherette jewelry displays bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the art of jewelry presentation. With their tranquil hues, timeless appeal, and versatility, these displays create an immersive experience that captivates both creators and admirers of fine jewelry. From enhancing the beauty of jewelry pieces to providing a durable and protective showcase, blue leatherette displays stand as a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in the world of jewelry presentation.

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3 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Jewelry Display Cases

Mistakes Everyone Makes with Jewelry Display Cases

A perfect display arrangement. Simple and sleek
Here is a great example of a simple and sleek display!

Jewelry display cases are a great way to highlight your favorite jewelry in your collection, but there are many rookie mistakes that most everyone makes when it comes to their jewelry display cases. LetÔÇÖs take a look at 3 mistakes you definitely want to avoid with your own jewelry displays.

Mistake #1: Buying the wrong kind of display case

A ring show tray is a perfect way of displaying wedding bands. The tray should ADD not DISTRACT!

There are many different types of jewelry displays and many of them are designed with specific jewelry (such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings) in mind. Some displays are meant to hold more than one type of jewelry, while others are designed to showcase just one type. Make sure you are buying the right type of displays for the jewelry you want to showcase!

Mistake #2: Not rotating out their collection

Vary your supplies by pairing unique pieces together. Too much of a good thing can convey a lack of variety.

Far too many people simply put some jewelry on their display stands and never change things up; however, rotating your collection onto your jewelry displays is a great way to highlight all of your favorite jewelry instead of just one thing. In addition, rotating jewelry on display can make it more likely that youÔÇÖll wear it instead of leaving it to gather dust in a drawer somewhere.

Mistake #3: Overcrowding their jewelry displays

It can be hard for a customer to navigate your jewelry, if there’s a high clumping of interest.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to jewelry display cases is overcrowding their displays. You donÔÇÖt need to have everything on display all at once, and itÔÇÖs better to have a handful of items that can be spaced out in an aesthetically pleasing way than to cram a bunch of jewelry onto a single display. Overcrowding looks messy, unappealing and can even result in problems such as tangled bracelets or necklaces or even scratched gemstones if youÔÇÖre not careful. Remember: less is more when it comes to your jewelry display cases.