Brown and Colored Kraft Shopping Bags

As more people become conscious about the environmental impact of plastic bags, businesses must adapt by providing alternative options. Once of these options is the brown kraft shopping bags. The perfect choice for eco-conscious retailers and businesses. Here at Gems On Display, we offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to assist with this demand. Let’s explore the process of making these bags, producing a quality print, and the characteristics of a custom kraft bag.–x-7–x-12.5–pd79920

Kraft paper is made from wood pulp. Sometimes this pulp is from fresh wood, but most of the time this pulp is produced from recycled materials. Our brown paper bags are made from 40% recycled pulp. This results in not only a more durable product, but also a more eco-friendly solution for areas with plastic restrictions. As a result of the recycled nature of these bags, most of the pulp is produced without harsh bleaching chemicals. The unbleached nature of kraft paper gives it its distinctive brown color, which makes it a desirable color option for environmentally conscious businesses and shoppers alike. It also gives a very earthy feel to your packaging.–x-3.5–x-8.5–pd79914

Colored and brown kraft shopping bags have many tactical advantages over traditional plastic bags. First of which being: Your business’ image. It’s a good look to be an earth friendly business. Indeed, these colored and brown kraft bags are biodegradable and can easily be recycled at any composting station, as well as recycling station. When disposed of properly, kraft paper bags break down naturally over time and do not contribute to environmental pollution. Overall, these bags provide a great solution for long term and short term product handling.–13-3-4–x-7–x-17–pd2616

Another advantage of brown kraft shopping bags is their versatility. Think of the possibilities of these bags: Different colors, sizes, and different printing options. On printing, there is a lot of potential there. These bags can be printed on, making them an excellent advertising tool for businesses. Many companies choose to add their logos and branding to kraft paper bags to enhance their brand and promote their services. We offer full color, single color, and double color options. As well as hot stamping–x-10–x-12–pd79980

In conclusion, brown kraft shopping bags are a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. They are durable, versatile, and can easily be recycled or biodegraded. As a consumer or business, you can make a positive impact on the environment by choosing to use kraft paper bags for your shopping needs. And as a business, you can promote your eco-friendly practices while also giving your customers a convenient and stylish shopping option.

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