3 Simple Packing Solutions for the Holiday Season

Well, winter is finally here. The weather is cooling down and 2020 is finally wrapping up. Speaking about wrapping, have you started your Christmas Shopping yet? Sometimes it can be difficult, or tricky to package your gifts in a presentable way, while still maintaining a budget. No worries, here are three easy, simple, and affordable ways to package your presents this holiday season.

1 Magnetic Ribbon Boxes

Pictured: Magnetic Ribbon Box in Blue

If you’re like me, the holidays can get BUSY. There are always places to be and thing to do while you’re shopping for Christmas. This is one of the major reasons why I love the magnetic ribbon series of the jewelry boxes. This box stands alone as one perfect packaging option. The box is made of thick and sturdy paper, while the insert varies between plush foam or a satin fabric wrapping. The box series is also available in many festive colors including a royal red, metallic gold, or icy silver. And to top this box is a perfect little bow. These are wonderful for jewelry like earring pendants charms bracelet s, but they can also accommodate more “odd items” like pens and knick knacks. Check out this series by clicking here.

2 Cotton Filled Boxes

Pictured: Dazzle Cotton – Filled Jewelry

Sometimes I’m not gifting just jewelry. Sometimes the gift is a money card, or silk scarf: A small meaningful gift that begs for a more meaningful presentation. This is where cotton filled boxes play a perfect part of your packaging. These are available in a plethora of colors including red, blue, silver, gold, purple, teal and more! The sizing options are also very accommodating for difficult items. These boxes are available in a premium brand that offers anti-tarnishing jewelers batting cotton. This makes gifting metal items very simple. The best part is the affordable price. These boxes start at 0.25 per unit, and are even printable if that’s your cup of tea.

3 Shipping Delicates – Soft Leatherette Model Boxes

Shipping can be stressful. Is it going to make it in time? And more importantly: will it arrive in one piece? Why not package your gifts in a protective metal box? The leatherette model boxes are a great option for preventing shipping damage. All of these are made of a thick and sturdy metal box and wrapped with a soft touch leatherette material. Meaning they look good while keeping your gift safe for transportation. For an added bit of class and safety, this series sports a nice packer box. Check out this series of box by clicking here.


Make the holidays a simple and easy occasion with the right packaging. For more creative inspiration, check out our wide selection of packaging by following the link below. Or give us a call, we are available 8 AM – 5 PM Mon-Friday EST.


We Are Open! Still Printing and Shipping!

-Committed to serving you

To begin, we at Gems on Display would like to take a moment to assure our loyal customers. We are committed to providing the highest quality goods and services in a safe and secure way despite the global health concerns.

We are still open, and we are ready to help with any packaging needs.

At times like this, keeping morale high is important. A small act of kindness can brighten someone’s perspective immensely, turning a bad day into a long-lasting good memory. One way to do this could be to give the gift of jewelry, perhaps in celebration of a momentous event, or perhaps in celebration of life itself.

We are glad to help make this possible with our premium cotton-filled jewelry boxes, high-quality items that are sure to uplift and encourage. Attractive, durable, and made right here in the United States, our jeweler’s batting filled boxes are what you need for packaging almost anything. These versatile items can serve as ring boxes, bracelet boxes, necklace boxes, watch boxes, earring boxes, pendant boxes, and more.

Need a specific look, a distinct texture, or maybe a favorite color? Gems on Display has the best selection for you including 27 different styles to choose from. We offer a dazzling range, from bright primaries, to shining golds and silvers, to eye-catching embossed. We even have transparent boxes to allow your valuable item to shine while protected.

Want to add a more personal touch? Or maybe you’d like to advertise at an affordable price? Explore our full color and pad printing options, available for our premium cotton-filled boxes. Customize your product with your own logo, or make your gift that much more special. Call us at 419-830-3104 and let us find something that suits you .

At-Home Jewelry Making

At-home jewelry making is a growing market that is reaching new heights as far as popularity, hobbyists, and small business sellers. I love exploring these new facets. There are so many different styles of jewelry that allow the jewelry maker to really explore their individual style and fashion. Here are a couple of amazing YouTube jewelry makers that are worth a watch!

Jewel School

Amazing Jewelry Techniques

I absolutely love watching this channel. It’s really informative on common techniques for making jewelry. The simplicity of this video and it’s makers is also really helpful. All of the techniques outlined are really helpful for novice jewelry makers (like me!).

Another point I would like to mention here, the angles of this video are FABULOUS! Very easy to follow along with the close up angles. Overall, I highly recommend this channel!

Matt’s Crazy Art

Hammered and Twisted style

I see this style of art popping up everywhere lately. The style of the twisted metal around the stones is very unique and gives the jewelry a vintage/antique look. I personally think this style of jewelry is VERY fetching and fun to try.

This video outlines some basic techniques for making a simple hammered and twisted jewelry. I really love how he going through the jewelry making process with a step-by-step feel. This makes it pretty easy to follow along. I have to admit, some of these techniques will definitely have to be practiced before mastered. Nevertheless, it’s a great video for some pointers, and an amazing starting point for wire twisters that are just starting out.

Jewellers Academy

Beginner’s Paradise

Firstly, it’s amazing seeing some of the jewelry displays we offer in the background! I feel that jewelry displays really bring an arrangement together as far as professionalism is concerned. Gushing out of the way, this video is a must watch for beginner jewelry makers. This YouTuber is awesome at outlining the materials required, as well as general technique

Listed here is part one of four. I recommend browsing through the entire video series. Overall very inciteful!


If you are looking to start up a jewelry making business, or just deciding to take up a hobby, YouTube is your best friend. There are tons of amazing videos and content creators that provide

Food Packaging AVAILABLE!

Gems On Display is always looking for new and interesting packaging options. To that effect, we are excited to announce our new line of food service packaging! These boxes are durable, food-safe, environmentally-friendly, and the best part: made in the USA! In fact, these boxes are locally made in Ohio! Read on to learn more about our latest lineup.

Donut Boxes

Donut boxes are a staple to the bakery business. These containers are simple, easy to assemble, and are designed specifically to safely cradle delicate baked goods of all varieties, with different sizes available to suit your specific needs. Don’t limit yourself to just donuts. Eclairs, Patisseries, Pączki, Pan Dulce, Cream Puffs, pastries of all styles and nations can come together in our outstanding donut boxes.

Starts as low as $0.24 per unit.

Bakery Boxes

Looking to transport something bigger than donuts? Or perhaps something more decorative? Our bakery boxes have you, and your confections covered. Designed for cakes and cupcakes, but suitable for a wide array of baked goods, these colorful containers come in an impressive range of sizes, colors, and design styles. Want to tantalize the customer with a look at your product while keeping it safe and protected? We have windowed boxes available, perfect for dazzlingly decorated pieces that have to be witnessed to be appreciated. Don’t see a size or color you crave? Give us a call at 1-419-830-3104, we would be happy to see if we can accommodate your needs!

Starts as low as $0.30 per unit.

Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are a special kind of baked good. Much effort is put into crafting them just right, and “wars” have even been fought over making and decorating them perfectly. A special kind of food deserves a special kind of box. Made specifically with the size, shape, and physical appeal of a cupcake in mind, our cupcake boxes exquisitely compliment the delicacies they protect.

Starts as low as $0.12 per unit.

Pizza Boxes

Delivery is the lifeblood of the pizza industry. You can be sure your pies will be safe in transit inside our line of excellently designed pizza boxes. Even better, by keeping the pizza shielded from the outside air, these boxes help to keep heat trapped inside, allowing for longer delivery times. With 3 primary varieties to choose from, each with several sizes available, you’re sure to find something for you, any way you slice it.

Starts as low as $0.27 per unit.

Carry-Out Boxes

Need to deliver something other than a pizza? Or perhaps looking for something simple and sturdy to let your customers take home the last morsels of their memorable meal? Our carry-out boxes will carry out that function perfectly. Several varieties and sizes, each able to withstand substantial amounts of fare, will leave you and your patrons satisfied.

Starts as low as $0.28 per unit.

Plus, check out our food-safe tissue paper included in that section, ideal for handling cuisine with care, cleanly and sanitarily, a smart compliment to any of our other fine food packaging options.

In times like these, packaging, supplies, bags, and more can be hard to find. Gems On Display can provide FAST and EASY packaging solutions. Everything provided is LOCALLY sourced. No need to worry about ‘the Source’. We ARE the source. Please feel free to give us a call for food packaging solutions: 1-419-830-3104

New, Lower Prices!

lower prices

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been following our emails, you’ve seen the price changes we’ve been making in recent weeks. We are very excited about these lower prices and wanted to share with you why we’re doing this and what it means for you.

It has always been the goal of Gems on Display to assist you in every way possible as you take your company to the next level. Whether that has been through jewelry displays, packaging, custom logo printing, or all of the above, our commitment to you has remained unchanged. Providing you with excellent customer service, high quality products and affordable prices is important to us.

After some thought, we’ve decided that we can serve you best by re-evaluating our pricing and making reductions wherever we are able. It won’t happen all at once, but we’re going through our inventory piece by piece to see where we can make things more affordable for you.

We’ll also be continuing our offer of free shipping for orders over $75 and flat rate shipping for orders under $75. * It may appear that some of our competitors have lower product costs, but you’ll find that when you add in their shipping costs, your total order cost will be higher than anticipated. We don’t think this is fair to you, which is why we’re lowering prices and keeping our shipping simple. We want your total order cost to be as affordable as possible.

One final note, we haven’t changed products or suppliers. The only time we do that is when we’re able to offer you a better product or value. These price reductions are for the same products you know and love. (Spoiler alert: some of these price cuts are as high as 45%!)

Enjoy shopping!


Rick G.

President, Gems on Display

jewelry storage organizer
This popular jewelry storage organizer has a new, lower price!


*Offers only valid in the 48 contiguous states.



Introducing Full Color Printing


We have some exciting news to share with you!

We are now offering FULL COLOR custom logo printing on all cotton filled boxes. This means you can now print on the face of a cotton filled box, in just about any color you can imagine! We’re able to offer halfscale, grayscale, and any Pantone color you’d like. For a limited time, we’ll be offering a special introductory price of $12/per 100 boxes.*

Getting your logo printed on your jewelry boxes is one of the best ways to carry your brand from store to street. By having your logo printed on the boxes you give to your customers, your company name will be in their minds every time they see the jewelry box. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they’ll be to remember your name for future purchases. Although there are many ways to have effective branding, custom logo printing is a great place to start or a way continue with your branding.

Start with your custom logo printing today! To begin the process, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to having your logo printed on your packaging:

1. Create an account and log in.

2. Upload or create your logo here (don’t forget to name your logo!).

3. Go to the product you’re wanting to attach your logo to, click the drop down menu under the “Add Your Logo” icon and select your logo to attach it to the product.

4. Add the product to your cart and continue to checkout or return to shopping.

Our graphic designer will be in touch with you via email with a mockup of your logo on the product you’ve selected. If you have questions about custom logo printing, please call 1-888-317-2213.

*This price does not include the price of the boxes.

Featured Item: Carrying Case Kit

carrying case kit


It’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of making jewelry, packing it up, traveling to shows and setting up your booth or display table. One of the best time-tested ways to travel to shows is with a carrying case full of jewelry trays and tray liners. However, it can take time to find the right case, choose the trays, and then pick out the liners. Our Carrying Case Kit (available for a limited time) takes the guesswork out of shopping for a carrying case and saves you time! Here are the details…

The Case:

jewelry carrying case

The case is our largest water-resistant canvas case that has wheels for easy transportation, a pull-out handle, and space for 17 1″ trays. The 91-4A is a side-loading case has a dual zipper to make placing trays in the case a breeze. This case also folds down compactly for easy storage.

The Trays & Liners:

jewelry trays

Here’s the real time-saving part of the Kit–it comes with (17) of our popular TY-0011-BK 1″ plastic stackable jewelry trays and (17) assorted tray liners. The included inserts are as follows: (2) 96-07 (BK), (2) 96-08 (BK), (2) 96-10 (BK), (2) 96-18 (BK), (2) 96-24 (BK), (2) 96-50 (BK), (2) 93-1 (BK), (2) 92-72E BK, (1) 68-H-BK. All your jewelry needs will be covered with this assortment of liners!

Travel Tip: Worried about your jewelry staying safely in place during travel? Our foam ring liner (item 97-72E) doubles as a protector when placed over your jewelry! Learn all about it in our Jewelry Show Tip video on YouTube!

Happy travels!

jewelry tray liner
Jewelry not included.

Traveling Necklace Busts

When you’re traveling to shows all summer, you need a display that makes traveling and setting up as easy as possible. After all, the less time you spend setting up, the more time you can spend selling. In addition to necklace easels, we have a couple of options for traveling necklace busts that are also great choices for displaying on the road. What travels light, pack nearly flat, and makes your life easer?

The Traveling Necklace Bust!

black necklace bust


This bust has a pop-out back. traveling display

Packs almost flat for easy traveling.

necklace display

And it doesn’t stop there. Try a combo traveling bust to display jewelry sets! Showing your customers pairing options in one place is a great way to get a bigger sale.

combo bust


The traveling necklace bust is also available in several other options, including a tall necklace display.

Need a display with less height? Another fabulous options for traveling is this pop-up necklace display, which packs flat and pops up to create a low profile bust. It works well for choker-style necklaces or thicker beaded necklaces.

low profile bust

What’s your favorite traveling necklace display? Browse more necklace bust options.



Necklace Easel Display Style

necklace easel

Necklace easels provide great displays with a lot of ease. (You know, an EASE-l. Get it?) Silly jokes aside, this necklace display is ideal for the summer months when traveling to shows, or for setting up on a jewelry display table where you don’t have enough room for busts.

necklace display

Why are they so great for travel? Well, in addition to being lightweight, easels pack nearly flat, which really helps save on precious space during travel. Easels are the perfect accompaniment for chains, pendant necklaces, and thinly beaded necklaces.

necklace easel

Love to layer? Try a tiered necklace easel to create a beautiful layered look your customers will crave. You can be free to express your display style with necklace easels, as they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and textures. What’s your favorite way to use necklace easels?

Hello, Summer!

Spring is nearly over and summer is just around the corner! Our thoughts have been full of summer displays and packaging ideas and our inspiration is coming from our new burlap jewelry display line and the chevron merchandise bags. What lovely items have been your inspiration this year?

The burlap jewelry displays are just dreamy… a grainy, textured surface speckled with brown and beige makes these displays overflow with charm and character. Deep jewel tones really stand out against this background (we’re talking about those purples and greens and blues), although, if we’re really being honest, just about any jewelry style will be complemented by the burlap displays. From shabby chic to indie to rustic elegance, these displays will make your style stand out even more.

burlap jewelry display
Tall burlap necklace bust


And those chevron bags? Can we just say y-u-m? If your head isn’t spinning with thoughts of summertime fun after looking through these bags, we don’t know what’ll get you there. They make us think of warm air, picnics on the beach, and juicy slices of watermelon. Each one of these six different colors makes us think of another summer memory. Pair any of the colorful chevron bags with either tissue paper or raffia for a cheerful summer packaging look.

chevron gift bag
Pair with raffia for the perfect summer look!


Let these beautiful burlaps display and chevron merchandise bags inspire your summer displays and packaging, and check out our full inspiration on our Hello Summer board on Pinterest.