Jewelry Displays – So Sleek – So Chic


When starting a business, Etsy, Online Only, or Physical, jewelry displays are an essential element if you want to promote a feel of wholeness. Truly, when one looks at merchandise in general, when the items are haphazardly strewed on a table, people tend to overlook the beauty of your pieces. Not only do they showcase your products, but they also help create a visually appealing atmosphere that can attract customers’ attention and potentially increase sales. We are all bidding for this attention, and jewelry displays. Here are some key considerations when designing and setting up a jewelry arrangement.

Displays – A Necessity–holds-23-rings-pd7699

Reflect on the type of jewelry and merchandise you are offering. I need not point out, displays are versatile. However a tailored display has a certain finished and precise look that feels whole, complete, and interesting. Long story short: it’s important to consider the type of jewelry/items you’re selling. Another aspect to consider is the energy/feel/look of your piece. A display should mimic and accentuate this style. An example: Delicate necklaces require a dainty display with hooks or loops, while chunky masculine bracelets may be best displayed on a padded t-bar or rugged show tray. Rings can be displayed on ring cones or in trays, while earrings can be displayed on earring cards or stands. It’s important to choose a display that not only showcases your jewelry but also mirrors the piece’s vibe.

Tailored to Your Style

Cookie cutter displays are not a route to go with this task. Consider the materials and colors you’ll use for your displays. Touching back on point one, the hue and materials can add greatly to your overall look and add to your brand. In a single sentence here: The colors and materials you choose will depend on your branding and the style of your jewelry. Example. If your jewelry is bohemian or natural, you may want to use natural materials like wood or woven fabrics. If your jewelry is more modern or minimalist, you may want to use sleek metals, steel greys, or acrylics. The colors you choose should also complement your jewelry and be consistent with your brand’s color palette.

Add Lush Lighting

Put your jewelry in an environment that best compliments your merchandise. For example: Lighting. Adding light is an important factor to consider when setting up a show case. Poor lighting can make even the Hope Diamond look like costume jewelry. Best to avoid that issue all together. Good lighting can make a huge difference in how your jewelry looks, so it’s worth investing in high-quality lighted fixtures. Also choosing a location that has plenty of natural light doesn’t hurt in tandem with lighted boxes or displays.

Organization – A Must

Keep it simple, and use common sense. Who wants to look at merchandise (even when it’s fabulous) if it’s thrown all over the place? When arranging your displays, it’s important to keep things organized and easy to browse. Avoid cluttering your displays with too many pieces, as this can overwhelm customers and make it difficult for them to find what they’re looking for. Instead, group similar pieces together and use signage or labels to help customers navigate your displays.

Keep it New

Displays, like merchandise should be freshy fresh. It’s important to regularly update your displays to keep things interesting for customers. We aren’t saying throw it all away, far from it. Just simply consider rotating your displays on a regular basis or changing up the props and accessories you use to showcase your jewelry. You could even rotate your displays out based on seasonal changes, which is a classic display strategy. This will help keep customers engaged and encourage them to return to your store or website.


In conclusion, jewelry displays are an important part of any jewelry business. By considering the type of jewelry you’re selling, choosing the right materials and colors, investing in good lighting, organizing your displays, and regularly refreshing your displays, you can create a visually appealing and engaging environment that will help boost your sales and grow your business.

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