Packaging Sleeves – #33

When branding and building your business, customization should always be a near-future goal. However, sometimes a business owners doesn’t have the expendable income to invest into this added touch of professionalism. How does $15.89 sound? For only $15.89, you can encompass your boxes with a custom printed wrap. No one can debate: Box wraps are a popular packaging option for businesses looking to create a professional and cohesive look for their products. These wraps provide a clean and polished appearance that can help attract customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales. Some benefits to boxes wraps include: Building Brand Awareness, Affordability, and Shipping solutions. Do you have your snorkel ready? Let’s dive into this.

Be a Chess Player – Plan a Strategy

Point one, first and foremost, your packaging should be a goal-orientated strategy. I can hear the response: What do you mean ‘strategy’? Well, dear reader, your boxes should fill a need or meet a personal goal you have set for your boxes. The main focus is to build brand awareness when investing in a custom wrap. For example: If you have a pantone color your business uses, your packaging should have this color sprinkled throughout. A great example of this concept is Tiffany Teal. As soon as you read that, your mind pops an image of the color, then the brand. With a customized wrap, your business can achieve this same effect. Your logo, contact info, and colors can be emphasized and reinforced with a smooth and fashionable sleeve addition. Summing up here: Box wraps can be customized with a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to create a look that’s unique to your brand.

Don’t Break the Bank

Another factor to consider when deciding on a box wrap is affordability. A packaging should promote your business, not bankrupt it. When customizing your boxes, $15.89 for a full color sleeve is a very reasonable price. Depending on the printing method used, the prices for dies/plates ALONE can cost upwards of $50-$100. This is a steep bill for small runs, smaller batches, or smaller businesses. This is another reason full color customized sleeves are a great solution for the average consumer. Start up businesses are looking for an affordable small run solutions, sleeves are this solution.

An Excellent Shipping Box

When shipping to your customer, I am sure you’ve experienced the dreaded transit damage. This is a pretty common occurrence, and it’s also pretty avoidable as well. By carefully packaging your merchandise prior to to shipping, damage such as scuffs, tarnish, and missing items may be avoided. Box wraps provide this protection. By packing your items in one of our anti-tarnish boxes and finishing the look with the custom printed sleeves, you can achieve a fairly simple yet effective shipping solution.

Let’s Wrap This Up: Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, box wraps are a simple investment with a high potential return. By choosing the right design, you can help attract customers and creating a memorable and distinctive look for your brand. This is a small investment as will, only setting you back $15.89 per 100. And finally, this provides a great shipping solution as well.

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