At-Home Jewelry Making

At-home jewelry making is a growing market that is reaching new heights as far as popularity, hobbyists, and small business sellers. I love exploring these new facets. There are so many different styles of jewelry that allow the jewelry maker to really explore their individual style and fashion. Here are a couple of amazing YouTube jewelry makers that are worth a watch!

Jewel School

Amazing Jewelry Techniques

I absolutely love watching this channel. It’s really informative on common techniques for making jewelry. The simplicity of this video and it’s makers is also really helpful. All of the techniques outlined are really helpful for novice jewelry makers (like me!).

Another point I would like to mention here, the angles of this video are FABULOUS! Very easy to follow along with the close up angles. Overall, I highly recommend this channel!

Matt’s Crazy Art

Hammered and Twisted style

I see this style of art popping up everywhere lately. The style of the twisted metal around the stones is very unique and gives the jewelry a vintage/antique look. I personally think this style of jewelry is VERY fetching and fun to try.

This video outlines some basic techniques for making a simple hammered and twisted jewelry. I really love how he going through the jewelry making process with a step-by-step feel. This makes it pretty easy to follow along. I have to admit, some of these techniques will definitely have to be practiced before mastered. Nevertheless, it’s a great video for some pointers, and an amazing starting point for wire twisters that are just starting out.

Jewellers Academy

Beginner’s Paradise

Firstly, it’s amazing seeing some of the jewelry displays we offer in the background! I feel that jewelry displays really bring an arrangement together as far as professionalism is concerned. Gushing out of the way, this video is a must watch for beginner jewelry makers. This YouTuber is awesome at outlining the materials required, as well as general technique

Listed here is part one of four. I recommend browsing through the entire video series. Overall very inciteful!


If you are looking to start up a jewelry making business, or just deciding to take up a hobby, YouTube is your best friend. There are tons of amazing videos and content creators that provide

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