Best Ways to Display Jewelry for Sale

As a jewelry shop I am sure you know just how important it is to showcase your jewelry in a way that will capture your customers attention. Jewelry that is thrown into a storage bin with a for sale sign slapped on it will not have the optimal chance of selling. This is why it is so important for you to allow each piece to have its own display stand or jewelry holder. Displaying multiple styles of jewelry in the same area is a great way for your customers to view necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc all at the same time. This will create great contrast in your store. In this article we will talk about a few simple ways to bring out thew full potential in your jewelry store.

  • Color / Theme: Make sure your jewelry displays not only match the brand of your store. But they also present your jewelry in the best possible way, you can do this by matching the best material for your jewelry whether this would be with leatherette, velvet, linen or burlap displays. Then another important part is color of displays, you want to pick a color that is going to make your jewelry pop off from the customers perspective.
  • Add a few display cases to your store. Setting up jewelry display cases is a great idea, because it will not only protect your jewelry from dust or fingerprints. Not every piece of jewelry needs to be in the open, if you are selling high priced items it is best to have them protected at all times.
  • Use lights! This can be a very simply addition to your shop if you are adding lights to the cases or the ceilings. Adding lights can really help show off the jewelry to the customer in the brightest way possible.
  • Use the correct style of display, rather than laying your pieces along a display pad or a tray. Use a jewelry necklace bust or a ring stand to show the right items at the right time for your customers.
  • Adding artwork to your store, this is a great way for your customers to relate as to how the piece will be looking once they have made the purchase.

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