Branded Boxes vs Non-Branded Boxes

Custom Jewelry Boxes are King

  • There are many ways of approaching custom printed products. When you are looking to get your more brand recognition for your company or products, you can break down two major factors branded vs non-branded.
  • So many companies are dedicating efforts to advertise their jewelry packaging. What jewelers are looking for is a connection to their customer, while also in hopes of reaching new customers. In this article we are going to talk through the difference of branded and non-branded packaging and how it can give you an advantage in your shop.

What’s Branded Packaging?

  • Branded jewelry boxes is basically your company displaying a message that your customers want to see. This message will usually display what your jewelry shop is about or show your brands image. When you are branding your jewelry boxes you are showing your customers essentially a portable ad on your packaging. This message should be easy to understand and push your brand in an efficient manner.
  • For example purposes please view the photo above. With branded content there is no attempt to hide the purpose of your information. If the person viewing your custom products does not understand the message, your custom printed products did not compel in the way you wanted it to. Make sure when you are branding your items you are showing your colors, logo, image and slogan. You want to display everything on your jewelry boxes that makes your brand so great.

Non-Branded Boxes

  • Non branded boxes might contain a small reference to you and your company, but generally speaking the packaging outside of the color does not have a relation to your products or company. When using non printed cotton filled boxes for example, while you are still supporting your brand with the quality of boxes. You are not actively promoting your business outside of your shop. Your brand may be mentioned on the jewelry packaging, but it is not the primary focus. Non-Branded jewelry gift boxes tend to be less in price than branded packaging, while serving the same purpose of protecting the good.


  • Both branded and non-branded items will have a major factor for your company. While non-branded items may be more affordable, it will have not have the same affect on your company. Branding your jewelry packaging or displays will give your company a competitive advantage over your peers. This will create brand recognition, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. If you are interested in having custom jewelry packaging or custom jewelry displays contact us today at Gems on Display.

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