Featured Item: Carrying Case Kit

carrying case kit

It’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of making jewelry, packing it up, traveling to shows and setting up your booth or display table. One of the best time-tested ways to travel to shows is with a carrying case full of jewelry trays and tray liners. However, it can take time to find the right case, choose the trays, and then pick out the liners. Our Carrying Case Kit (available for a limited time) takes the guesswork out of shopping for a carrying case and saves you time! Here are the details…

The Case:

jewelry carrying case

The case is our largest water-resistant canvas case that has wheels for easy transportation, a pull-out handle, and space for 17 1″ trays.┬áThe 91-4A is a side-loading case has a dual zipper to make placing trays in the case a breeze. This case also folds down compactly for easy storage.

The Trays & Liners:

jewelry trays

Here’s the real time-saving part of the Kit–it comes with (17) of our popular TY-0011-BK 1″ plastic stackable jewelry trays and (17) assorted tray liners. The included inserts are as follows: (2) 96-07 (BK), (2) 96-08 (BK), (2) 96-10 (BK), (2) 96-18 (BK), (2) 96-24 (BK), (2) 96-50 (BK), (2) 93-1 (BK), (2) 92-72E BK, (1) 68-H-BK. All your jewelry needs will be covered with this assortment of liners!

Travel Tip: Worried about your jewelry staying safely in place during travel? Our foam ring liner (item 97-72E) doubles as a protector when placed over your jewelry! Learn all about it in our Jewelry Show Tip video on YouTube!

Happy travels!

jewelry tray liner
Jewelry not included.

Traveling Necklace Busts

When you’re traveling to shows all summer, you need a display that makes traveling and setting up as easy as possible. After all, the less time you spend setting up, the more time you can spend selling. In addition to necklace easels, we have a couple of options for traveling necklace busts that are also great choices for displaying on the road. What travels light, pack nearly flat, and makes your life easer?

The Traveling Necklace Bust!

black necklace bust

This bust has a pop-out back. traveling display

Packs almost flat for easy traveling.

necklace display

And it doesn’t stop there. Try a combo traveling bust to display jewelry sets! Showing your customers pairing options in one place is a great way to get a bigger sale.

combo bust

The traveling necklace bust is also available in several other options, including a tall necklace display.

Need a display with less height? Another fabulous options for traveling is this pop-up necklace display, which packs flat and pops up to create a low profile bust. It works well for choker-style necklaces or thicker beaded necklaces.

low profile bust

What’s your favorite traveling necklace display? Browse more necklace bust options.

How to Get Customers in Your Booth (and keep them there!)

how to display
Use acrylic risers as an inexpensive way to create height levels in your jewelry displays!

Ever wonder why when youÔÇÖre at a an art or craft show, some booths have people crowded around them, while others are virtually empty? Or, more specifically, how to get people to notice your booth and then stay long enough to purchase something?

There are a couple of key things you need to accomplish overall, and then weÔÇÖll go into three specific ways you can increase your sales. These key things are the following: you need to catch peopleÔÇÖs attention, keep them interested, and make what you have so valuable to them that they canÔÇÖt live without it. How do you make this happen? LetÔÇÖs start from the outside of the booth and work our way inside.

1. An attractive booth. This is how you catch their attention. If you have a booth that is pleasing to the eye with carefully-selected, appropriate decor and signs, people will be more likely to both notice you and stop by to look. Use attractive fabrics, a clean tent, stylish signs, etc, to initially capture people’s interest. If the outside of your booth is attractive, they’ll want to stop by and see what’s inside.

2. Your product. This the first half of how you keep them interested (and part of how you give your product value). This needs to be displayed and presented in such a fashion that they are drawn in and want to keep looking. Do you have everything flat on a table so that itÔÇÖs boring for people to see and hard to distinguish between items? Or do you utilize varied height levels, appropriate displays, and lighting? Clearly price your items and have signs pointing to things of interest. This helps people to know where to look.

how to attract customers
A friendly face can go a long way toward making customers comfortable! (Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

3. You! This is the other half of keeping their interest and making your product valuable to others. Your body language and how you act when people enter your booth make a huge difference in how comfortable people will feel when browsing, and help to determine whether or not theyÔÇÖll feel like browsing. If youÔÇÖre sitting in a corner reading a book and ignoring the people who stop by, or greet them with a mouth full of food, they arenÔÇÖt going to feel welcome. However, if you greet them with a smile and engage them in conversation, theyÔÇÖll feel more at ease and therefore be more likely to make a purchase. Talk about the weather, share your creative process with them, show them one or two of your favorite pieces and ask them what they like or dislike (and then youÔÇÖll be able to guide them toward things that they will love!). Engaging people and showing them that youÔÇÖre not only passionate about your work but that you care about them will give your pieces value in their minds and turn those potential customers into actual customers!

What are some tried-and-true ways of attracting peopleÔÇÖs interest that have worked for you?

Display Booth Tips for Jewelry Shows

display booth tips
display booth tips
Image courtesy of duron123 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Getting ready for a show can be a lot of work! There are so many things to remember as youÔÇÖre preparing for a long day (or weekend!) in your booth selling your products. In order to make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a basic list of display booth tips to help make your preparation easier. Please feel free to add to this list (or detract from it) based on what you’ve found works best to streamline your display booth process.

-Carrying case and trays with appropriate liners (with your jewelry, beads or gemstones in them, of course!). Not only will this help with transportation, but by already having your products in trays, you’ll be able to save on precious set up time and get right to selling. DonÔÇÖt forget that ring foam liners placed on top of your jewelry will keep it from rolling around in the tray while traveling. This will really cut down on your set-up time when you arrive to the show! Have you seen our video on how to do this handy trick? Find it here!

-Mobile-friendly displays really help make packing and transporting easier. Look for displays that are lightweight, easy to transport, or that will pack flat. Folding necklace displays or pop-up displays are great options.

display booth tips
Pop-up necklace displays are ideal for traveling to shows because they pack flat.

-Tables that are lightweight enough to transport easily but sturdy enough to hold your products.

-Table covers that are a color or pattern that will add to the look of your displays and make your products stand out.

-Consider setting up small lamps on your tables to accent your products. Well-placed lighting can really draw attention to your products! You can find attractive, inexpensive, battery-operated lamps on Amazon, or at Target and Wal-Mart.

-Use risers or small objects placed underneath your trays to add height to your displays. This will give your displays dimension and make it easier for people to view your products.

-Backdrop. HereÔÇÖs an easy-to-make backdrop tutorial. This can be extremely helpful in keeping out any ÔÇ£background noiseÔÇØ from other booths or people walking around behind your booth.

-Large plastic containers can be extremely useful for storing mobile displays, table covers, risers, and lamps. It is helpful to streamline your display booth as much as possible by keeping everything organized and accessible.

-Booth emergency bag containing lots of water, healthy snacks, first aid kit, sunglasses (or an umbrella, depending on the weather!). We think chocolate is a good idea to have on hand. 😉

-If possible, try not to do a show alone. Not only is it helpful to have another person there, but it’ll make the day more enjoyable.

-Finally, bring a good attitude, even when you’re having a rough day. Your customers will really appreciate being met with eye contact and a smile. When they know you care about them being there, they are more likely to purchase something from you.

display booth tips
Happy selling! (Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

What’s on your essentials list for jewelry shows?

Go Away with a Mobile Display

travel kit for mobile displays

travel kit for mobile displays

Doing a lot of traveling to shows this year? Keep everything organized with a collection of mobile display items from Gems! This month we are featuring the 91-4B Premium Carrying Case with Wheels,  which holds 12 of the black stackable trays (TY-0011-BK), and a variety of you-pick-what-fits-you tray inserts. We have inserts of all types, from compartments to rings to velvet liners.

Traveling can be stressful, especially when your mind is focused on your show. You can keep part of that hassle to a minimum by keeping your jewelry, gems, or beads organized and ready for display. Take away the stress of wondering how you are going to get your products to the show safely ┬áwith a carrying case! Our featured carrying case has a pull-out handle and wheels for easy transportation, as well as a dual zipper side-loading design that makes pulling the trays out easy. It measures 16″ x 9″x 13 1/2″. Need something bigger or with different features? We have a wide variety of other carrying cases┬áthat are sure to meet your needs!

The featured carrying case holds our stackable black trays to keep them from sliding around in the case, but you are able to choose the type of tray liner that best suits your needs.

Carrying beads or gems? Give the gemstone tray liners a try!

Carrying bracelets, earring, or necklaces? Find a compartment liner with the right number of compartments for your products!

Wait, we’re forgetting rings, you say? Not for a second! We have an entire category dedicated to ring tray liners just for you!

Don’t forget to browse our┬ávelvet tray liners for displaying, too. Simply place jewelry on the liner for an instant elegant display. Any of our full-sized tray liners will fit into a regular-sized tray because we know how important it is for you to be able to customize your tray inserts.

Here’s to stress-free and organized traveling!

If you have any questions about the best carrying case or inserts for your products, give us a call at 419-830-3104! We know our products and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect option. For display inspiration, check us out on Pinterest. 

It’s Party Time!

It’s getting to be that time of year when friends gather around for a home show! If you’re an┬áindependent┬áconsultant who does home shows, you know that putting together everything you need for a show can be challenging, especially if you have to travel a long distance. It’s important to keep everything together and ready for an easy, elegant display. That’s where Gems can help!

We have three product categories that we think will make your life much easier when you’re working on getting everything together for a home show. These party picks will help you keep jewelry, beads or gems organized and safe during travel, and make setting up your display simple. Sound like fun?

Our Party Picks

1. Carrying cases make it easy to organize everything in one place! You can slide trays with inserts into a case, which means you can store all your jewelry in one, easy-to-access place. Many of our carrying cases have wheels and they all have accessible handles to make transportation uncomplicated.

2. Jewelry trays. Stackable trays are our pick for home shows or any type of mobile display since they won’t slide around in the carrying case.

3. Customizable inserts. Ring, gemstone, and compartment liners keep your jewelry in place while traveling while velvet jewelry liners make displaying products a breeze.

Keep It Simple

Keep your home show displays simple and beautiful. You’ll attract more recruits the easier you can make it look, so make things easy for yourself by being completely organized with a carrying case, trays, and tray inserts! We know you’ll shine at your show.