Day Six: Necklace Box (Leatherette Model)

12 Days of Deals–Day Six!

Necklace Box (Leatherette Model)

The details: Today’s elegant deal is our beautiful leatherette model necklace box (VN7-BK-W-BK). You’ll save 17% by purchasing this box now! Ideal for classic, elegant gift packaging, such as an extra-special necklace that is being given as a holiday present. Leatherette model is a luxurious material, and one of our finest boxes. Box measures 4 1/4 ” x 7″ x 1 5/8″ tall, and is black leatherette model, with a black insert and with white on the inside of the lid. Two-piece packer is included. Originally $4.23 per piece.


necklace box











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Winter Gift Packaging Picks

silver star bow

Brrr! As winter approaches, we’re thinking of sparkling white snow, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and most importantly, winter wonderland-inspired gift packaging. We’ve put together a few packaging options that remind us of the things we love most about winter, and hope that we spark some inspiration for your packaging this season.

We’re loving the following winter themes:

1. Starry nights. Can you picture it? A clear, cold night, with the stars shining brightly above? This linen tote in dusky blue with a silver star bow takes us right to happy memories of starry winter nights, which snow sparkling u. Use white tissue paper complete the pairing.

2. Cozy evenings by the fire. Another linen tote bag, this cheerful red pairs perfectly with a gold star bow and white tissue paper. With this combo, you’ll have a a warm color to keep spirits bright during grey winter days, and the splash of gold from the bow will add some extra richness to the set.

3 & 4. Winter wonderland. Whether you choose one of these bags or use both for your packaging, the glossy tote bags in purple and navy make a dreamy winter combo! Pair these popular winter colors with white tissue paper for a complete gift packaging look.


gift packaging


purple gift bag


navy gift bag

Wrap It Up Contest Rules & Regulations

Wrap it Up!

We want to hear your favorite packaging products and your tips for how you make your packaging special.

Entry and Participation

Participants enter by commenting on Facebook with their favorite packaging product or tips. Additional entries may be gained by Tweeting or Instagraming packaging products or packaging tips with the hashtag #gemsondisplay and commenting on Facebook about these entries. Up to three entries per person.

No purchase is necessary for entry.

Facebook is in no way associated with this promotion and participants agree to release Facebook of all liability.

Age and Location Regulations

Wrap it Up Contest begins October 22, 2013 and ends at midnight on November 11, 2013.

Contest is only applicable to participants living within the 48 contiguous states who are 18 years of age and above.

Contest Sponsor and Promoter

This contest is sponsored and promoted by Gems on Display.

Sponsor and promoter address: Q473 Road 1 McCLure, OH 43534.

Phone number: 1-888-317-2213.

We reserve the right to use participant names and contest entry for publicity purposes only; no other information will be recorded or used without authorization. Winner will be contacted at the end of contest for shipping information.


Fall 2013 Color Trends

purple kraft bag

Fall is rapidly approaching, and we can’t get enough of the Pantone Fall 2013 color trends! There’s so much one can do with these colors, whether it’s with packaging and displays, or incorporated in jewelry designs. From deep blues and purples to bright pinks to cool greys, these colors are just fantastic.

pantone fall 2013 color report
Fall 2013 Color Report


For packaging, we suggest using the dark blue or purple tinted kraft bags for packaging purposes. Paired with white or tan tissue paper, this would make a great fall packaging look for almost any style.


blue kraft bag



purple kraft bag











Loving the greys in this fall’s trend report? We don’t blame you. In fact, they’re one of our favorites, too. These greys work incredibly well as a display, since the cool color makes brighter colors pop while making subdued colors appear elegant (think black onyx or creamy white pearls).


earring display


If you’re wanting bright splashes of color for your packaging and displays this fall, you’re in luck. This fall’s color report is trending some pretty pinks that will bring you the color you need! You can go wild with this hot pink necklace bust, or add that splash of color to your gift packaging with hot pink euro tote bags.

zebra necklace bust




pink euro tote

Step Into The Warehouse with Joey!

Have you ever wondered what happens after you place an order with Gems on Display?

Step into the Gems on Display warehouse in this video and learn what happens between the time you place an order online or over the phone and when it gets to you! We take pride in carefully picking, inspecting, and packaging your order. We process all orders within 24-48 hours of being placed (except for holidays and weekends), and then FedEx quickly takes it to your door! (How quickly? Find out here.)

Stressing about the holidays?

Here’s why you don’t need to!

With the holiday season approaching, we know how crazy things can get and how busy you are making preparations. That’s why we’re working to make things as easy and stress-free as possible for you. How? Keep reading for 3 ways that we’re helping you keep it simple and stress-free this season!

1. Need more gift wrapping supplies, merchandise bags, or jewelry boxes? We have a large inventory of products that are in stock and ready to ship. How fast will it get to you? You can reference the map below to see how quickly your order will get to you after it leaves our warehouse. We process every order within 24-48 hours (except for weekends), so your order doesn’t waste much time in getting on the way!

2. Quantity questions? Product queries? Give us a call! We’d love to chat with you about our quantity discounts and which products will work best for what you’re doing. We’ll take the time you need to decide what you want, and we’ll never rush you. It’s our job to make sure you’re happy and getting what you need to make your business run smoothly.

3. Holidays are a perfect time for company branding. We think you’ll like our custom printing process, and now’s the time to start stocking up on printed jewelry boxes, earring cards, and merchandise bags so that you won’t run low during the business of the season. We’d love to help make things easier for you by getting a head start on your custom printing! You can learn more by going to our custom printing page!

As always, you can reach us at 1-888-317-2213 or by email at

Take a deep breath! We’ll help you get through the holidays.

3 Simple Ways to Create Displays

Creating displays is a vital part of your business. You have quite a challenge set before you when making displays for your store; you want to create something that will complement your products and grab the attention of customers, but not be overwhelming (or boring). There is a fine balance between creating the type of display that will bring attention to your products and creating a display that will distract your customer from your products with too many colors or props.

Follow these three simple tips for creating beautiful displays every time!

1. Know your customers. By knowing their likes and dislikes, you’ll be able to tailor your displays to things they will find attractive, and therefore be more likely to want. It also helps you with branding when you know what your customers are wanting.

t-bar display
T-bars can be used for more than necklaces and bracelets!

2. Make your display fun! Create an eye-catching display with the use of colors that complement one another, fun props that are part of your display’s theme, and add texture and color with floral arrangements or tissue paper poms.

3. Don’t do too much. Your product should always be the focal point of your displays and everything you do with your display should be to complement your product, not distract your customer. Too many props or colors will draw the attention away from the product you want to sell, so keep your displays simple and effective.

acrylic riser
Accent T-bar displays by adding height with an acrylic riser.

What things do you find the most helpful in creating an effective display?