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Jewelry Boxes

The way you package your jewelry will leave your customers with an impression of your brand. Let us help you leave them with a positive impression by finding the best packaging solution for you! No matter the style, we have the jewelry boxes that will assist you in building your brand.

Jewelry Boxes


Based on 1895 Reviews

I've been a loyal customer for years. Good quality, great prices and fast shipping... what else do you want?

Wish I Could Be a Regular Customer - Great Company!
The prices are great, which is how I originally found "Gems on Display". I was looking for the 5-drawer gem storage. I already had a plain drawer with the foam-and-container insert, but decided to order a new set of 5 inserts. Boy, am I glad I did! The jars have a tight-fitting lid - no worries about spilling tiny gems all over the place when moving the storage unit. The storage unit itself is very well made, with a very nice finish - if I get back into doing art shows, I will be proud to have this in my display. I also ordered several display props, and all are, again, very nicely made and present a very fine appearance. I was especially pleased to find the acrylic shelf display that breaks down - much easier to pack and store. I also bought a necklace easel - good quality and, again, easy to store. The hand prop is very nice - only wish manufacturers would make both right- AND left-hand sets. Everything was carefully packed, and shipping was prompt. Communications were timely. As my review title says, I only wish I could be a more active/regular customer, to support such a great company - I will certainly keep them in mind whenever I need similar items!
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