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Earring Cards Custom Cards

Create your own custom jewelry display cards, pendant cards, and barrette cards. Any shape any color! Don't see the shape or configuration that you are looking for? All jewelry display cards are made with premium card stock and are printable in full color. Need your wholesale jewelry cards printed on both sides? We can help. Give us a call and we can design customized jewelry tags just for you.

Earring Cards Custom Cards


Based on 1895 Reviews

I love my necklace display
I love my necklace display. Great quality for the price.
Lois Paige

Excellent Display Products
Have dealt with this company for 2 years and find their products, customer service and shipping speed to be well above average. Recently purchased 2 revolving upright displays for pins/brooches/earring and the accompanying hang cards. This alone allows me to utilize the upright space in my showcase giving far more merchandise per square inch. And that means more $$ per inch! In addition to other items I purchased on this order I am very happy with the acrylic ring staggered displays ( I think 7 per order) .which really highlighted and allowed a lot of light into the case. I bought the locking acrylic display cabinet with the 3 shelves. Lock is secure and keys perfectly. I'm really happy with this item in particular! Last, I bought (among other things not reviewed) a black velvet "ramp" that was about 6 or 8 inches wide. They sell 1 or 2 inch 'ramps" also which are used to display bracelets or watches. I bought the standard size and two of the thin ones and they matched perfectly. I know we re all trying to save money, but I feel strongly that the beautiful displays I purchased will increase my sales! As mentioned, I've been a customer for about 2 years. Gems on Display is my 'Go To" for great priced, quickly shipped jewelry display items.
Create your own custom jewelry display cards, utilizing our high resolution machines we are able to custom print and cut your jewelry cards to any shape and color that you require. You can build your own card with our custom designer or just submit your existing design via upload. For further assistance contact our Graphics department.
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