When Creating Displays, Do You…

When creating displays, do you…

…have varied display heights? You want your customersÔÇÖ eyes to naturally move along your entire display so that they see all of what you have to offer, and you can make this possible by not having all of your displays be exactly the same height. Here’s a great example.

…have a focal point in your display? A clear focal point is vital to a successful display. This doesnÔÇÖt mean you have all the same type of jewelry or product; it simply means that you have key spot in your display and build everything around that. This is the spot that will catch peoples’ eyes before they scan through the rest of your display. If there is no focal point, it will confuse customers and could result in fewer sales.

jewelry displays
Clear focal point. (Image courtesy of Feelart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


…choose display colors that enhance or distract from your jewelry? Color choice is very important. If you place white jewelry on a white background, it isnÔÇÖt going to stand out like white jewelry on a background. Similarly, if you have bright jewelry and bright displays, the effect could be overwhelming for your customers.

ways to display
Notice how the beige background is light enough to make the necklace pop without taking away from the jewelry?


…frequently change the displays in your store? If you have repeat customers and they always see exactly the same thing in your store window or display cases, theyÔÇÖll quickly lose interest. Keep things fresh and new by changing your displays at least 6 times per year (about every other month).

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