2 Display Arrangements You NEED To Check Out

Before a customer even sets foot in your store, the first things they see are your window displays. These displays need to reflect your business, but sometimes a theme can get stale. I (like many others in the Jewelry Biz) love to explore options I may not have considered previously. Specifically, I enjoy putting an amazing signature look together. Achieving this signature style does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, IÔÇÖve crunched the numbers here for you and offer some exciting options for your next display and packaging arrangement.

  • Black Leatherette With a Coordinating Box

I am in LOVE with the modern style I see sprouting up in my shops and local restaurants. Less is becoming more in this ever evolving fashionista driven world. What better way to make a statement with the sleek and humble black leatherette line? This collection offered by Gems On Display can be found HERE.

To make a cohesive display arrangement, itÔÇÖs best to have a dimensional depth to your window displays. I personally recommend the 189-2L (BK).

This display is such a statement piece. The gentle curves and fantastic base are SO characteristic to the modern style. This display should be a SPECIAL display for a SPECIAL piece. The quality is felt in the hand on this display as well, VERY well put together. Overall, itÔÇÖs a remarkable display.

Necklaces usually pair with a set of earrings, bracelets and more. For the front of the arrangement, I recommend the 210-A, 218-2AL (BK), and the 252-3 (BK)

These displays have a pleasant and tasteful height variance. Gorgeous overall, and easy on the pocket book. An arrangement like this only costs around $60.

The arrangement doesnÔÇÖt end there though. How will your customers take home their new statement pieces? Fortunately, Gems On Display offers a WIDE variety of jewelry boxes. I would recommend either the Classic Model Series, which is a simple leatherette box. ItÔÇÖs a timeless classic. These boxes just DONÔÇÖT go out of style. If you want something a little more versatile though, a cotton-filled box is a great route to go as well. Both box styles have the option of custom printing, which adds that finishing touch to the entire arrangement. 

Overall, the modern display style is a great route to explore for someone who wants a timeless feel. 

  • Linen Displays, Wooden Displays, and Kraft Boxes

Summer-time fun-time. Who hasnÔÇÖt heard that in the jewelry making industry? I like to pair my summer time jewelry themes with cream colors or a natural wooden display. Gems On DisplaysÔÇÖ natural wood displays compliment the linen displays perfectly. To create a physically appealing display arrangement, I start with larger more statement displays either in the back or at the shoulder of the set. The PERFECT displays for this are: 101024 N, 101006 N, and the 181N LE.

With these 3 displays you can easily accent your statement pieces. The natural color of the wood and linen displays pair perfectly with tans, teals, sea foam, cyans, dark reds, and nearly every beach color scheme. 

As far as your front-most display arrangements, I really love keeping with that color theme. If I am displaying bracelets or earrings, there are a couple of options to explore from there. You can easily display earrings with a simple t-bar earring stand (ED-2401N-LE) and if I have any bracelets, I like to reiterate the wooden organic theme with another wooden bracelet ramp (383554 N).

Overall, this is an arrangement that you can tuck away for the season, and then re-use for the next summer-time season easily. These displays are sturdy as well as fashionable. As long as they are stored in a cool-dry environment, the materials stand the test of time very well, and overall are very easy to rework into a new display arrangement. For example, the wooden themed displays are not limited to a summer time theme. These wooden displays pair well with the white leatherette collection. With an arrangement like that, you can easily build a winter wonderland themed display arrangement that really turns head.


Your displays are your own. They need to reflect your individual and unique style. More so than that, a lasting theme is an investment. One display arrangement tastefully put together and gently used can last well over a year. The returns will speak for themselves. 

For more tricks and tips, check out our blog and YouTube Channel. We post inside tips weekly.

Making an Online Sale! Close the Deal!

Running a successful business online takes time and effort. It is important not only to invest time, but also important to invest an online presence. What better way to create an online presence than to invest in a memorable and affordable display arrangement? With online sales currently on the rise, now is the time to invest a little more into your Etsy business with one of our amazing and suitable jewelry displays. What are the benefits to investing in an arrangement like this?

  • Converting a BROWSER to a BUYER

Conversion rates are everything to a successful online business. In fact, browsers can end up COSTING your company money! How does one covert the tepid browser into a loyal customers? One word: PHOTOS! A breath-taking photo is the only way a browser can interact with a product without the important tactile interactions.

There is an EASY fix for that barrier. Give them a photo they can touch with their eyes.    Our burlap and linen lines are perfect compliments to creating this effect. These collections are very wide and reasonable. Arrange your products respectfully on any of our beautiful jewelry displays. This brings us to our next point.

  • Arrange Your Products Respectfully

How does one project an air of respectability with photos? One way to do that is to store and display them in a way that demonstrates their value. What better way of showing this then with a modern bust or storing them in a wooden tray? Many of our busts project a feeling of respectability WITH a respectable price. Our quality is sure to impress not only you, but also your customers.

It is clear that a jewelry display is so much more than JUST a display. They are a means of converting a browser to a buyer.

Gems On Display – YouTube

Any jewelry maker knows the value of a good picture in marketing. A picture can more accurately and captivatingly show the facets of their rings, necklaces, watches, and more than even the most poetic of descriptions could. Even further, with branding and logos tastefully placed, the picture can help express style and signature touches, and leave the customer with a positive impression of the product and the people behind it.

Truly, thereÔÇÖs a reason they say ÔÇ£a pictureÔÇÖs worth a thousand wordsÔÇØ.

And what is a video but a thousand pictures?

Gems on Display is proud to introduce our newest series of videos to help provide the best service and information to our discerning clientele. Our videos cover a variety of subjects, including but not limited to: helpful information, easy to follow tutorials, demonstrations of products, unboxing of new items, sneak peeks at the manufacturing process, and much more.

Custom Printing at Gems on Display

Custom Printing at Gems On Display

The first of our latest releases covers custom printing, and tells it in the meaningful, expressive way that only video can. Please, take a moment to enjoy it, and learn how our affordable and finely crafted custom printed selections can help you and your business immensely.

Eager for more? YouÔÇÖre in luck! Our next video is already almost finished, with many more in production. Stay tuned for a detailed tutorial on how to set up an account with us, upload a logo, and discover the perfect selection for you. You wonÔÇÖt want to miss this!

3 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Jewelry Display Cases

Mistakes Everyone Makes with Jewelry Display Cases

A perfect display arrangement. Simple and sleek
Here is a great example of a simple and sleek display!

Jewelry display cases are a great way to highlight your favorite jewelry in your collection, but there are many rookie mistakes that most everyone makes when it comes to their jewelry display cases. LetÔÇÖs take a look at 3 mistakes you definitely want to avoid with your own jewelry displays.

Mistake #1: Buying the wrong kind of display case

A ring show tray is a perfect way of displaying wedding bands. The tray should ADD not DISTRACT!

There are many different types of jewelry displays and many of them are designed with specific jewelry (such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings) in mind. Some displays are meant to hold more than one type of jewelry, while others are designed to showcase just one type. Make sure you are buying the right type of displays for the jewelry you want to showcase!

Mistake #2: Not rotating out their collection

Vary your supplies by pairing unique pieces together. Too much of a good thing can convey a lack of variety.

Far too many people simply put some jewelry on their display stands and never change things up; however, rotating your collection onto your jewelry displays is a great way to highlight all of your favorite jewelry instead of just one thing. In addition, rotating jewelry on display can make it more likely that youÔÇÖll wear it instead of leaving it to gather dust in a drawer somewhere.

Mistake #3: Overcrowding their jewelry displays

It can be hard for a customer to navigate your jewelry, if there’s a high clumping of interest.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to jewelry display cases is overcrowding their displays. You donÔÇÖt need to have everything on display all at once, and itÔÇÖs better to have a handful of items that can be spaced out in an aesthetically pleasing way than to cram a bunch of jewelry onto a single display. Overcrowding looks messy, unappealing and can even result in problems such as tangled bracelets or necklaces or even scratched gemstones if youÔÇÖre not careful. Remember: less is more when it comes to your jewelry display cases.

Myth versus FACT: 2 Myths That Can Damage Your Jewelry

Fashion, statements, and expression. These are all terms that define jewelry. But our favorite gems are not immune to being damaged by accidents, improper care, or simply the ravages of time. We have all seen them: ÔÇÿTooth paste for your silversÔÇÖ, ÔÇÿlemon juice for your gold.ÔÇÖ The list of DYI jewelry maintenance is endless. But what works for those specialty jewelry? You can ensure that your jewelry lasts longer–perhaps even a lifetime!–by avoiding the following all-too-common jewelry myths which can actually damage or even irreparably destroy your favorite pieces.

Myth#1: DIY Storage Units

One of the most common mistakes people make with their jewelry is simply tossing it on a box or drawer without a second thought. One DYI project is converting an old box into a storage unit. But is this an effective and efficient way of storing jewelry? LetÔÇÖs look at a couple of examples found here. These are VERY cute ideas! ┬áHowever, many of these projects can lead to tangles and scratches, just to name two problems. Most of these also leave precious metals open to air, which often leads to oxidation. You need to purchase special jewelry packaging and other display solutions which will keep necklaces from getting tangled, rings from getting scratched, and fine metals from oxidizing. Jewelry packaging comes in many shapes and sizes so be sure to research the best type before you buy. Here are some GREAT solutions Gems On Display offers for jewelry storage and counter displays.


Myth#2: Using DIY cleaning methods on fine jewelry

The DIY myths do not stop at mere storage either, most likely you have come across many do-it-yourself jewelry cleaning solutions such as using dish soap, toothpaste. Here is an example of a DIY cleaner. The basic ingredients include: vinegar and oils. Vinegar should NEVER be applied to fine metals or pearls. Vinegar is an acid that erodes away metals and removes finishes. This is a very HARSH method of cleaning. Your metals may shine for a day or two, but oxidation WILL yield its ugly head. Costume jewelry would fair the worst with this cleaning method, as acids erode the finish. A better alternative is sticking to a gentle cleaning solution. We offer many options as far as jewelry cleaner is concerned such as Realm Jewelry cleaner. This is easy on fine jewelry and gems, and even includes a brush for those hard to reach nooks. Follow this gentle cleaner up with a polishing cloth, and any piece will be restored to its original beauty.


Rock Your Jewelry Store with Wholesale Jewelry Displays

Jewelry stores are like wonderland for women. The wish to own shiny jewelry is found in every woman. However, women are not attracted to all jewelry stores. Ever wondered why? The answer is very simple. Because the jewelry is not well displayed. No matter how cool the designs are, how less the prices are and how beautiful the packing is, if the jewelry is not displayed in an organized and presentable manner, women will not consider buying it. This is when the need of jewelry displays become inevitable. Continue reading “Rock Your Jewelry Store with Wholesale Jewelry Displays”

Whð¥lðÁÐòð░lðÁ Jewelry DiÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ That Guarantee Sales

jewlry-displaysIn thðÁ jewelry business, hð░ving a wholesale jðÁwðÁlrÐâ diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ is ðÁÐòÐòðÁntið░l. Mð░rkðÁting your jewelry bðÁÐüð¥mðÁÐò ðÁð░ÐòiðÁr when you Ðüð░n Ðòhð¥wÐüð░ÐòðÁ it fð¥r ÐüliðÁntÐò to ÐòðÁðÁ ð░nd admire. If you aim to ÐòðÁll it ð░nd mð░kðÁ a ÐÇrð¥fit in thðÁ business, Ðâð¥u Ðòhð¥uld mð░kðÁ Ðâð¥ur ÐÇrð¥duÐüt look ð░Ðò ð░ttrð░ÐütivðÁ ð░Ðò ÐÇð¥ÐòÐòiblðÁ. A piece of jewelry Ðüð░n look very elegant when put ð¥n a diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ unit. Make Ðâð¥ur jewelry look mð¥rðÁ impressive bÐâ having a fð░Ðòhið¥nð░blÐâ ðÁlðÁgð░nt bð¥x whðÁrðÁ it can be kðÁÐÇt.

A widðÁ ÐòðÁlðÁÐütið¥n of Jewelry diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ Ðòtð░ndÐò is available fð¥r Ðâð¥ur jewelry. You Ðüð░n choose frð¥m a different diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ stand ranging frð¥m nðÁÐük diÐòÐÇlð░ÐâÐò, ðÁð░rring trays, adjustable nðÁÐük displays, ring displays, jðÁwðÁlrÐâ diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ trays ð░nd watch diÐòÐÇlð░ÐâÐò. After Ðühð¥ð¥Ðòing which diÐòÐÇlð░Ðâ itðÁm Ðâð¥u need, Ðâð¥u hð░vðÁ to Ðühð¥ð¥ÐòðÁ whiÐüh mð░tðÁrið░l Ðâð¥ur display unit should bðÁ mð░dðÁ up ð¥f; thiÐò can bðÁ lðÁð░thðÁrðÁttðÁ, acrylic, wð¥ð¥d, velvet, and a whð¥lðÁ lot more. Yð¥ur Ðühð¥iÐüðÁÐò must bðÁ ð░ÐÇÐÇrð¥ÐÇrið░tðÁ for the ÐÇiðÁÐüðÁÐò ð¥f jewelry that Ðâð¥u likðÁ to ÐòðÁll.┬á

To highlight the viÐòuð░l Ðühð░rm ð¥f thðÁ jewelry you are selling, Ðâð¥u Ðòhð¥uld knð¥w whiÐüh mð░tðÁrið░lÐò gð¥ well with Ðâð¥ur jðÁwðÁlrÐâ. Mð¥dðÁrn jðÁwðÁlrÐâ designs gð¥ best ð¥n ð░ÐürÐâliÐü unitÐò with a whitðÁ lðÁð░thðÁrðÁttðÁ intðÁrið¥r while gold ð░nd ÐòilvðÁr pieces ð¥f jðÁwðÁlrÐâ, ð░Ðò well ð░Ðò thð¥ÐòðÁ with rðÁð░l or fð░kðÁ dið░mð¥ndÐò, will look grðÁð░t on wð¥ð¥d with a vðÁlvðÁt intðÁrið¥r. EthniÐü or tribal and fashion jðÁwðÁlrÐâ will bð░ÐòiÐüð░llÐâ Ðòuit a ÐÇlð░in display unit.

A jewelry display is Ðòtill ÐòignifiÐüð░nt ðÁvðÁn ð░ftðÁr Ðâð¥u hð░vðÁ Ðòð¥ld thðÁ jðÁwðÁlrÐâ. Putting thðÁ item in an ð░ttrð░ÐütivðÁ jewelry bð¥x ð░ddÐò vð░luðÁ and ðÁlðÁgð░nÐüðÁ to thðÁ jðÁwðÁlrÐâ.

Ring Boxmagnetic Jewelry BoxCrystal Glass box

ThðÁ jewelry bð¥x not only ÐÇrð¥tðÁÐütÐò the jewelry from gðÁtting dð░mð░gðÁd but ÐÇrðÁÐòðÁntÐò it in a mð¥rðÁ imÐÇrðÁÐòÐòivðÁ wð░Ðâ. Likewise, it also ÐÇrðÁÐòðÁrvðÁÐò itÐò bðÁð░utÐâ ð░nd ðÁlðÁgð░nÐüðÁ for mð░nÐâ years. Cð¥ÐòtumðÁ jðÁwðÁlrÐâ Ðüð░n ðÁvðÁn look rðÁð░l when it comes with a Ðüð░ÐòðÁ ð¥r bð¥x.┬á

If Ðâð¥u are lð¥ð¥king for whð¥lðÁÐòð░lðÁ jðÁwðÁlrÐâ display fð¥r your Ðòtð¥rðÁ, viÐòit https://www.gemsondisplay.com/

New, Lower Prices!

lower prices

Dear Friends,

If youÔÇÖve been following our emails, youÔÇÖve seen the price changes weÔÇÖve been making in recent weeks. We are very excited about these lower prices and wanted to share with you why weÔÇÖre doing this and what it means for you.

It has always been the goal of Gems on Display to assist you in every way possible as you take your company to the next level. Whether that has been through jewelry displays, packaging, custom logo printing, or all of the above, our commitment to you has remained unchanged. Providing you with excellent customer service, high quality products and affordable prices is important to us.

After some thought, weÔÇÖve decided that we can serve you best by re-evaluating our pricing and making reductions wherever we are able. It wonÔÇÖt happen all at once, but weÔÇÖre going through our inventory piece by piece to see where we can make things more affordable for you.

WeÔÇÖll also be continuing our offer of free shipping for orders over $75 and flat rate shipping for orders under $75. * It may appear that some of our competitors have lower product costs, but youÔÇÖll find that when you add in their shipping costs, your total order cost will be higher than anticipated. We donÔÇÖt think this is fair to you, which is why weÔÇÖre lowering prices and keeping our shipping simple. We want your total order cost to be as affordable as possible.

One final note, we havenÔÇÖt changed products or suppliers. The only time we do that is when weÔÇÖre able to offer you a better product or value. These price reductions are for the same products you know and love. (Spoiler alert: some of these price cuts are as high as 45%!)

Enjoy shopping!


Rick G.

President, Gems on Display

jewelry storage organizer
This popular jewelry storage organizer has a new, lower price!


*Offers only valid in the 48 contiguous states.