The Ultimate Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Jewelry Storefront Displays

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Opening your own jewelry store is an exciting venture, but one of the key aspects of drawing in customers and making sales is creating an enticing and visually appealing storefront. Your jewelry displays serve as the first impression for potential customers, so it’s crucial to get them right. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up your jewelry storefront displays to captivate passersby and showcase your exquisite pieces.

Know Your Brand Identity

Before diving into the display setup, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your brand identity. Are you aiming for a modern, minimalist aesthetic, or do you prefer a more vintage, ornate look? Your storefront displays should reflect the essence of your brand and the type of jewelry you offer.

Plan Your Layout

Consider the layout of your store and how customers will navigate through the space. Start by sketching out a floor plan that includes designated areas for different types of jewelry (e.g., rings, necklaces, earrings) and any additional features such as a checkout counter or seating area.

Choose the Right Displays

Selecting the appropriate displays is crucial for showcasing your jewelry effectively. Options range from traditional glass display cases to more creative solutions like wall-mounted shelves or freestanding stands. Ensure that your displays are sturdy, well-lit, and able to highlight the beauty of each piece without overshadowing it.

Create Visual Interest

Incorporate visual elements such as color, texture, and height variation to add interest to your displays. Consider using props like velvet fabric, wooden crates, or decorative stones to enhance the presentation of your jewelry and create a cohesive aesthetic.

Lighting Matters

Proper lighting can make all the difference in how your jewelry appears to customers. Aim for soft, diffused lighting that accentuates the sparkle of gemstones and metals without creating harsh shadows. Experiment with different lighting fixtures and angles to find the perfect balance.

Rotate Your Displays

Keep your storefront fresh and engaging by regularly rotating your displays. Introduce new collections, highlight seasonal trends, or feature special promotions to entice customers to come back and see what’s new.

Pay Attention to Detail

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of small details like cleanliness and organization. Keep your displays tidy and free of dust or smudges, and ensure that each piece of jewelry is arranged thoughtfully to maximize visibility and accessibility.

In conclusion, setting up a captivating storefront display for your jewelry store requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a keen eye for design. By following these tips and infusing your own creativity, you can create a visually stunning showcase that draws customers in and leaves a lasting impression.

Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity and let your jewelry sparkle and shine!

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  1. Do you guys like the Rainy earring display cards in my shop? I’m thinking of scrapping them, and keeping everything…

Inspire with Rich Unique Hues in Your Jewelry Displays

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As a jewelry retailer, one of the most critical aspects of attracting customers to your store is the visual appeal of your window displays. An eye-catching and well-coordinated display can captivate passersby and draw them into your store. While the design and arrangement of your jewelry are undoubtedly essential, the color coordination of your displays plays a significant role in creating a compelling visual impact. Here’s how to pick the perfect color coordination for your jewelry displays:

Understand Your Brand Identity

Before diving into color choices, it’s crucial to understand your brand identity. Consider your brand’s personality, target audience, and the emotions you want to evoke. Are you a high-end luxury brand, a bohemian-inspired boutique, or a modern and minimalist jeweler? Your color choices should align with your brand’s image and values.

While it’s essential to be creative and flexible with your color choices, maintaining consistency across your displays is key to building brand recognition. Choose a cohesive color palette that reflects your brand identity and use it consistently across all your displays and marketing materials.

Consider your Jewelry with an Eye on Trends

The color coordination of your displays should complement and enhance the jewelry you’re showcasing. Consider the materials, gemstones, and metals used in your pieces. For example, if your jewelry features vibrant gemstones like rubies or emeralds, consider a backdrop that allows these colors to pop. Alternatively, if your pieces are predominantly silver or gold, choose colors that accentuate their elegance and sophistication.

The season and current fashion trends can also influence your color choices. For example, vibrant and bold colors may be more suitable for spring and summer displays, while rich jewel tones or metallics may be perfect for fall and winter. Stay attuned to seasonal trends in fashion and design to ensure your displays remain fresh and relevant.

Use the Color Wheel

Understanding the basics of color theory can help you create visually appealing displays. The color wheel can be a valuable tool in selecting harmonious color combinations. Complementary colors, which are opposite each other on the color wheel (e.g., blue and orange or red and green), can create a striking contrast that grabs attention. Analogous colors, which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (e.g., blue and purple or yellow and orange), can create a more subtle and cohesive look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations and arrangements. Set up mock displays in your store or use digital design tools to visualize how different colors will look together. Solicit feedback from colleagues or customers to gauge their reactions. Continuously refine and adjust your displays based on what resonates most with your audience.

    In conclusion, selecting the perfect color coordination for your jewelry displays requires careful consideration of your brand identity, the jewelry you’re showcasing, color theory principles, seasonal trends, and the surrounding environment. By following these guidelines and leveraging your creativity, you can create visually stunning displays that captivate your audience and drive foot traffic to your store. Remember, the right colors can make all the difference in making a lasting impression on potential customers.

    Know Your Authentic Journey: Uncovering The Investment In Your Jewelry Dream

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    Launching a jewelry business can be a dazzling venture, but it’s crucial to understand the financial investment required to turn your passion for precious gems into a profitable enterprise. From sourcing materials to marketing your creations, every aspect of starting a jewelry business comes with its own price tag. Let’s delve into the key components that contribute to the cost of starting a jewelry business.

    First and foremost, sourcing materials is one of the most significant expenses in the jewelry business. Whether you’re crafting delicate necklaces or intricate rings, the cost of precious metals, gemstones, and other materials can quickly add up. Quality materials are essential for creating pieces that stand out in a competitive market, so budgeting for high-quality materials is paramount.

    Another significant cost to consider is equipment and tools. Jewelers require specialized tools for cutting, shaping, and polishing metals and gemstones. Investing in quality tools from the outset is essential for producing professional-grade jewelry and avoiding costly repairs or replacements down the line. Additionally, if you plan to sell online, investing in photography equipment or hiring a professional photographer to capture stunning images of your creations is essential for attracting customers.

    Beyond materials and equipment, marketing and branding are critical expenses for any budding jewelry business. Establishing a strong brand identity and reaching your target audience requires strategic marketing efforts. This may include building a website, investing in social media advertising, attending trade shows, or collaborating with influencers. While these expenses may seem daunting, effective marketing is essential for generating sales and building a loyal customer base.

    Moreover, don’t forget about overhead costs such as rent for a physical storefront, utilities, insurance, and employee wages if you plan to hire staff. These expenses can vary depending on factors such as location and the size of your operation. If you’re starting small or operating from home, you can minimize overhead costs by selling online or at craft fairs and markets.

    In conclusion, starting a jewelry business requires a significant financial investment, but with careful planning and budgeting, it’s possible to turn your passion for jewelry-making into a successful enterprise. By understanding the costs involved in sourcing materials, purchasing equipment, marketing your brand, and covering overhead expenses, you can set realistic financial goals and pave the way for long-term success in the glittering world of jewelry design.

    Jewelry Retail Merchandising Best Practices for Your Display

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    In the world of jewelry, presentation is everything. Whether you’re a seasoned jeweler or just starting your own collection, the way you showcase your pieces can make a significant impact on their perceived value and appeal. One crucial element of successful jewelry displays is variety. In this blog post, we’ll delve into retail merchandising best practices, as well as explain why variety in jewelry displays is so essential, and how it can elevate your presentation game.

    Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

    Stephen R. Covey

    Capturing Attention

    Imagine walking into a jewelry store where every display looks identical – same layout, same arrangement, same colors. It wouldn’t take long for your eyes to glaze over, would it? That’s because humans are naturally drawn to variety. Incorporating a diverse range of display styles, materials, and arrangements can capture the attention of your audience and entice them to explore further.

    Highlighting Diversity

    Just as every piece of jewelry is unique, so too should be the way it’s displayed. Variety allows you to showcase the diverse styles, materials, and designs in your collection effectively. Whether you’re displaying delicate earrings, statement necklaces, or vintage brooches, different display methods can highlight each piece’s individuality and charm.

    Enhancing Visual Appeal

    A well-curated display with a variety of elements – such as different heights, textures, and colors – can create visual interest and excitement. Mixing and matching display props like velvet stands, wooden trays, or acrylic risers adds depth and dimension to your presentation, making it more visually appealing to your customers.

    Encouraging Exploration

    A display that offers variety invites customers to explore and interact with your jewelry. By strategically arranging pieces in different ways, you can encourage customers to touch, try on, and ultimately purchase your products. Experiment with displaying jewelry in unexpected places – like on decorative branches or vintage books – to spark curiosity and engagement.

    Catering to Different Tastes

    Not every customer has the same preferences when it comes to jewelry – some may gravitate towards minimalist designs, while others prefer bold statement pieces. By incorporating variety into your displays, you can cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. This inclusivity not only expands your customer base but also demonstrates your commitment to providing options for everyone.


    In the world of jewelry displays, variety is key. By incorporating diverse styles, materials, and arrangements into your displays, you can capture attention, highlight diversity, enhance visual appeal, encourage exploration, cater to different tastes, and create memorable experiences for your customers. So, don’t be afraid to mix things up and get creative – your jewelry displays will thank you for it!

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    Unravel the Enchanting Opulance with Blue Leatherette Jewelry Displays

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    In the world of jewelry, presentation is more than just packaging—it’s a reflection of the artistry and craftsmanship that go into each piece. Enter blue leatherette jewelry displays, a choice that seamlessly blends sophistication and style. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why blue leatherette displays have become a staple for jewelry enthusiasts and businesses alike. From their aesthetic appeal to their functionality, these displays elevate the way we showcase and appreciate jewelry.

    The Enchanting Allure of BlueA Tranquil Hue

    Stand Out Blue Leatherette Jewelry Displays

    Blue is a color that symbolizes calmness and tranquility. It’s no wonder that blue leatherette jewelry displays exude a sense of serenity that beautifully complements the brilliance of jewelry pieces. The rich and diverse shades of blue, from deep navy to soft sky, allow for a wide range of design options to suit different jewelry styles.

    Blue, with its timeless appeal, adds an air of sophistication to any presentation. The richness of leatherette in shades of blue creates an exquisite backdrop that enhances the visual impact of jewelry. Whether it’s the sparkle of diamonds or the luster of pearls, blue leatherette sets the stage for jewelry to shine.

    Versatility in DisplayEnhancing Contrast

    Blue Letherette Half Moon Display

    Blue leatherette jewelry displays play with contrasts to highlight jewelry pieces. The subdued elegance of blue enhances the brilliance of gemstones and metals, making them stand out. This versatility allows for a harmonious display of various types of jewelry, from delicate earrings to statement necklaces.

    Blue is often associated with luxury, making it an ideal choice for high-end and boutique jewelry presentations. Whether you’re curating a collection with a nautical theme or a celestial vibe, blue leatherette displays can effortlessly convey the intended ambiance.

    Functionality and Protection – Durably Protective

    11 - Clip Ring Blue Leatherette Jewelry Display

    Leatherette, with its synthetic composition, offers the durability of leather without sacrificing ethical considerations. Blue leatherette jewelry displays provide a protective cushion against scratches and impacts, ensuring that each piece remains in pristine condition.

    Blue leatherette is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your jewelry displays retain their elegance over time. This is particularly crucial for businesses that need consistent and reliable presentation materials.

    Personal and Professional Use – Business Branding

    Blue Leatherette Jewelry Necklace Presentation Display Folder

    For jewelry businesses, blue leatherette displays offer an opportunity for branding. By incorporating branding elements like logos or slogans onto the displays, businesses can leave a lasting impression on customers while maintaining a cohesive and polished image.

    On a personal level, blue leatherette jewelry displays make for exquisite gifts. Presenting a loved one with a jewelry piece nestled within a blue leatherette display adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and luxury to the gift-giving experience.


    Blue leatherette jewelry displays bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the art of jewelry presentation. With their tranquil hues, timeless appeal, and versatility, these displays create an immersive experience that captivates both creators and admirers of fine jewelry. From enhancing the beauty of jewelry pieces to providing a durable and protective showcase, blue leatherette displays stand as a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in the world of jewelry presentation.

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    Illuminate Your Jewelry with Radiant Unique Lighting

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    • The Enchantment of Illuminated Jewelry
    • Powering Your Illuminated Creation
    • Conclusion
    • Video

    Jewelry has always been cherished for its captivating beauty, but what if you could enhance its allure even further? Imagine your favorite necklace or earrings glistening with a magical radiant light, drawing attention and admiration wherever you go. By incorporating lights into your jewelry designs, you can bring a new dimension of enchantment and sophistication to your personal style. In this blog post, we will explore the mesmerizing world of illuminated jewelry, the different ways to add lights to your pieces, and how this delightful fusion of technology and art can transform your accessories into true works of wearable art.

    The Enchantment of Illuminated Jewelry

    Gone are the days when jewelry was simply a static accessory. With the integration of lights, jewelry takes on a new persona, captivating onlookers with its vibrant and dynamic presence. The interplay of twinkling lights against precious gemstones or metalwork creates an ethereal allure that evokes awe and wonder. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of color options. From soft and warm hues to dazzling and vivid shades, LEDs can be customized to suit your design aesthetic. They are also energy-efficient and compact, making them ideal for small jewelry pieces.

    Powering Your Illuminated Creation

    To bring your jewelry to life, you’ll need a reliable power source. Depending on the complexity and size of your design, you have a few power options. Small batteries, such as button cells or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, are commonly used to power LED lights in jewelry. They are easy to conceal within the piece and offer a decent lifespan before needing replacement or recharging.


    Illuminated jewelry opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to express your style in a truly unique and enchanting way. By embracing the fusion of technology and art, you can transform your jewelry into wearable masterpieces that captivate the imagination. So, go ahead and illuminate your jewelry designs to make them stand out with radiant brilliance, and watch as heads turn and eyes sparkle with admiration for your exceptional creations.

    See Video On These Boxes

    Find Your Fashion Here – Materials Are Pivotal

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    Materials and colors play a pivotal role in determining the style, and overall appeal of your jewelry boxes. Each material possesses its unique characteristics, catering to diverse preferences and occasions.  For example, a nice blue leatherette box might be very appropriate for a grooms men gift box, but might not be as applicable to a more modern simplistic business.  Fortunately, Gems On Display offers a wide variety of unique and distinct materials. Some of the available materials we will discuss are leatherette, velvet, and wood. Join us as we explore the intricacies and charm that these materials bring to the your fashionable jewelry boxes and displays.

    Letherette Material – Sleek and Durable

    Leatherette Jewelry Boxes

    Leatherette, a sleek and enduring material, has captivated fashion enthusiasts for a while. It bears a strong resemblance to the classic leather material, without using animal hide. This offers the sleek look without the need for animal product. Leatherette is exceptional strong. Our leatherette boxes are often wrapping a metal constructed box. In the end, these leatherette boxes offer an excellently durable jewelry box.  This material exudes an air of sophistication and elegance. Its natural smooth surface and soft touch finish make it a perfect choice for a wide variety of themed parties, businesses, and more.

    Plush Elegant Velvet

    Velvet Jewelry Boxes

    Velvet, a luxurious and plush fabric, is synonymous with opulence and grandeur. Our velvet boxes encompass these adjectives to a tee. Our velvet is created from a blend of synthetic fibers and possess a unique crushed pattern, giving it a soft and smooth texture. The fabric’s dense fibers reflect light, resulting in a lustrous appearance. This compliments any jewelry piece packed in these boxes. Its rich colors and sumptuous feel make it an exquisite choice for those seeking elegance and sophistication.

    Natural Wood Jewelry Boxes

    Wooden Jewelry Boxes

    Some boxes do not have a need to be wrapped in any fabric. Wooden jewelry boxes are an excellent example of this. Natural wood has an excellent texture and feel, no need for fabrics hiding the deep wood grain pattern. With a simple color finish, wooden boxes can be enjoyed by those with a taste for elegance. Rose red finish or a nice rich brown color add greatly to the interest of these particular jewelry boxes. Looks aside, wooden boxes are very durable and enduring. This make these particular boxes a great option for more expensive jewelry pieces.


    The world of jewelry boxes is vast and diverse, offering an array of materials to suit every taste and occasion. Leatherette, velvet, and wood stand out as unique choices, each contributing its distinct characteristics to the look and feel of the jewelry piece. Leatherette exudes durability and sophistication, while velvet encapsulates luxury and elegance. Wood addes a touch of innovation and sustainability to the industry. Understanding these materials enables us to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into creating our favorite garments. So, whether you’re drawn to the rugged charm of leatherette, the refined allure of velvet, or the eco-consciousness of wood, embrace the beauty and versatility that these materials offer in the realm of jewelry.

    Create a Rustic Charm with Unique Earring Displays

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    If you’re an earring enthusiast or jewelry designer, you understand the importance of presenting your beautiful earrings in an appealing and organized manner. An earring display not only enhances the visual impact of your collection but also makes it easier for customers to browse and choose their favorite pairs. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative and stylish ideas for earring displays that will showcase your stunning collection and captivate your audience.

    Add Some Rustic Magic

    Embrace the rustic aesthetic by using wooden or burlap style displays. There are a lot of different options for achieving this look. There are natural linen displays, burlap displays, and even wooden displays. This style exudes a charming, bohemian vibe that will complement handmade or earthy jewelry pieces.

    Earring Jewelry Trees–4-3-4–tall-pd7898

    Consider using a jewelry tree or earring stand for a more compact and organized display. These come in various shapes and sizes and typically feature hooks, or holes to hang your earrings. This also comes in different colors and size. You can create a raising leveled look that breathes life into your table. Jewelry trees are ideal for showing off a larger collection while keeping everything neat and accessible.


    With these creative ideas for earring displays, you can showcase your stunning collection in a way that attracts attention, highlights the uniqueness of each piece, and enhances the overall visual appeal. Whether you opt for rustic charm, nature-inspired designs, vintage elegance, or sleek minimalism, finding the perfect earring display will undoubtedly elevate the presentation of your earrings and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Experiment with these ideas and choose the one that best complements your style and brand image.

    2 Display Arrangements You NEED To Check Out

    Before a customer even sets foot in your store, the first things they see are your window displays. These displays need to reflect your business, but sometimes a theme can get stale. I (like many others in the Jewelry Biz) love to explore options I may not have considered previously. Specifically, I enjoy putting an amazing signature look together. Achieving this signature style does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, IÔÇÖve crunched the numbers here for you and offer some exciting options for your next display and packaging arrangement.

    • Black Leatherette With a Coordinating Box

    I am in LOVE with the modern style I see sprouting up in my shops and local restaurants. Less is becoming more in this ever evolving fashionista driven world. What better way to make a statement with the sleek and humble black leatherette line? This collection offered by Gems On Display can be found HERE.

    To make a cohesive display arrangement, itÔÇÖs best to have a dimensional depth to your window displays. I personally recommend the 189-2L (BK).

    This display is such a statement piece. The gentle curves and fantastic base are SO characteristic to the modern style. This display should be a SPECIAL display for a SPECIAL piece. The quality is felt in the hand on this display as well, VERY well put together. Overall, itÔÇÖs a remarkable display.

    Necklaces usually pair with a set of earrings, bracelets and more. For the front of the arrangement, I recommend the 210-A, 218-2AL (BK), and the 252-3 (BK)

    These displays have a pleasant and tasteful height variance. Gorgeous overall, and easy on the pocket book. An arrangement like this only costs around $60.

    The arrangement doesnÔÇÖt end there though. How will your customers take home their new statement pieces? Fortunately, Gems On Display offers a WIDE variety of jewelry boxes. I would recommend either the Classic Model Series, which is a simple leatherette box. ItÔÇÖs a timeless classic. These boxes just DONÔÇÖT go out of style. If you want something a little more versatile though, a cotton-filled box is a great route to go as well. Both box styles have the option of custom printing, which adds that finishing touch to the entire arrangement. 

    Overall, the modern display style is a great route to explore for someone who wants a timeless feel. 

    • Linen Displays, Wooden Displays, and Kraft Boxes

    Summer-time fun-time. Who hasnÔÇÖt heard that in the jewelry making industry? I like to pair my summer time jewelry themes with cream colors or a natural wooden display. Gems On DisplaysÔÇÖ natural wood displays compliment the linen displays perfectly. To create a physically appealing display arrangement, I start with larger more statement displays either in the back or at the shoulder of the set. The PERFECT displays for this are: 101024 N, 101006 N, and the 181N LE.

    With these 3 displays you can easily accent your statement pieces. The natural color of the wood and linen displays pair perfectly with tans, teals, sea foam, cyans, dark reds, and nearly every beach color scheme. 

    As far as your front-most display arrangements, I really love keeping with that color theme. If I am displaying bracelets or earrings, there are a couple of options to explore from there. You can easily display earrings with a simple t-bar earring stand (ED-2401N-LE) and if I have any bracelets, I like to reiterate the wooden organic theme with another wooden bracelet ramp (383554 N).

    Overall, this is an arrangement that you can tuck away for the season, and then re-use for the next summer-time season easily. These displays are sturdy as well as fashionable. As long as they are stored in a cool-dry environment, the materials stand the test of time very well, and overall are very easy to rework into a new display arrangement. For example, the wooden themed displays are not limited to a summer time theme. These wooden displays pair well with the white leatherette collection. With an arrangement like that, you can easily build a winter wonderland themed display arrangement that really turns head.


    Your displays are your own. They need to reflect your individual and unique style. More so than that, a lasting theme is an investment. One display arrangement tastefully put together and gently used can last well over a year. The returns will speak for themselves. 

    For more tricks and tips, check out our blog and YouTube Channel. We post inside tips weekly.

    Making an Online Sale! Close the Deal!

    Running a successful business online takes time and effort. It is important not only to invest time, but also important to invest an online presence. What better way to create an online presence than to invest in a memorable and affordable display arrangement? With online sales currently on the rise, now is the time to invest a little more into your Etsy business with one of our amazing and suitable jewelry displays. What are the benefits to investing in an arrangement like this?

    • Converting a BROWSER to a BUYER

    Conversion rates are everything to a successful online business. In fact, browsers can end up COSTING your company money! How does one covert the tepid browser into a loyal customers? One word: PHOTOS! A breath-taking photo is the only way a browser can interact with a product without the important tactile interactions.

    There is an EASY fix for that barrier. Give them a photo they can touch with their eyes.    Our burlap and linen lines are perfect compliments to creating this effect. These collections are very wide and reasonable. Arrange your products respectfully on any of our beautiful jewelry displays. This brings us to our next point.

    • Arrange Your Products Respectfully

    How does one project an air of respectability with photos? One way to do that is to store and display them in a way that demonstrates their value. What better way of showing this then with a modern bust or storing them in a wooden tray? Many of our busts project a feeling of respectability WITH a respectable price. Our quality is sure to impress not only you, but also your customers.

    It is clear that a jewelry display is so much more than JUST a display. They are a means of converting a browser to a buyer.