5 Packaging Ideas For Your Jewelry Shop

Packaging is a stable for the jewelry industry. The color of your boxes, material, shape and design all play a major role in the presentation of your items to the customer. In Today’s blog we are going to talk about 5 packaging lines Gems on Display has to offer.

Cotton Filled Boxes

Cotton Filled Boxes

  • Gems on Display has one of the best collections of cotton filled gift boxes to offer. with a variety of different sizes available in bulk along with a color selection to your choice.
  • This item is a very cost effective way to package your products, while also providing your items with great protective.
  • We specialize in added custom artwork to this item allowing you to brand your cotton filled boxes with your logo.
Black Velvet Jewelry Boxes

Black Velvet Jewelry Boxes

  • Also a great cost effective way to package your items. The black velvet series has inserts that will work for a majority of jewelers. This is a metal packing box with a velvet finish, the metal interior creates a strong and sturdy box for you to use and protect your jewelry.
  • This item also comes with a white 2-piece packer box adding an extra step of protection for your jewelry.
Paper Slider Boxes

Black & White Slider Boxes

  • Available in 6 different styles for jewelry packaging, allowing to protect and pack all of your jewelry needs.
  • Each style of black and white is available for printing, allowing you to brand your jewelry packaging with your logo.
  • Item is sold in bulk quantities allowing you to save on cost per box, while also providing your customers & jewelry with a well structured box.
Navy Leatherette

Navy Leatherette Boxes

  • Luxurious and stylish the navy leatherette series is a perfect way to package your jewelry. Thick and well constructed box, making it a perfect fit to make a lasting image in your customers hands.
  • Available 8 different sizes, allowing you to match your packaging line with the same series for each style of jewelry.
  • Black packer box is included with this item, giving your box and jewelry extra protection in transit.
  • Available for printing, allowing you to add your logo the inside or outside of this item.
Piano Finish Jewelry Boxes

Black Gloss Wood Boxes

  • Truly a step of above all outsider boxes, beautiful black gloss finish with a strong structured wood box. Making it hard to find a better constructed jewelry box. Also available in Red Rosewood.
  • 5 different styles available, allowing you to packaged your jewelry in a line that is going to bring your customers back for more.
  • Available for printing, allowing us to add your logo to the outside of this box and create a custom product that your customers will love.
  • This box comes with a 2 piece packer, making sure the quality product has extra protection.


  • At Gems on Display, we offer a bulk variety of jewelry boxes that will work for great for your store. Please take a look at the link below. If you do not see the items you are needing for your store or shop. Please contact us at either 419-830-3104 or michael@gemsondisplay.com Thank you for your time and have a great day!
  • https://www.gemsondisplay.com/jewelry-boxes-cl35

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