Great Ideas for Stickers

Just about everywhere you look there are some form of stickers or labels, whether this is on the bottle you are drinking out of or the laptop cover you have at home. So what makes stickers so great?? How can I make my own personal stickers?? Can I use my stickers to market my brand or company? In this article we are going to talk about all of these and how you can use stickers in both a personal setting and business setting.

What Makes Stickers Great??

Design: The best part about having stickers, is that it shows your personality. You can show this through the style, shape, and size.

One of the most popular spots that you will see a personal sticker is on cars and bumper stickers. A majority of this item you will see are this persons favorite sports team, which political party they side with, quotes from a movie, student driver, or maybe there is an infant on board. With the car stickers being outside a majority of the time, this will meant that you need a heavy duty sticker to withstand the weather. This is why you’ll want a vinyl sticker with strong adhesive.

If you are like me, then you will have a absurd amount of stickers on your laptop case or cover. I personally do not know why I put so many stickers on my laptop, but this is a great way to add character to your technology. The best sticker for a laptop would be a kiss-cut sticker, this is very similar to a die-cut sticker. The kiss cut is easier to peel off, which makes them easy for laptops, phones, tablets, etc.


As you are aware stickers and labels are everywhere you look in modern day life. Producing high quality stickers and labels for your brand can really help you make a push in awareness. At Gems on Display we specialize in personalization and are more than willing to make your stickers or labels perfect for your personal life or business. Take a look at the link below to view our entire selection.—stickers-cl503

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