Featured Item: Carrying Case Kit

carrying case kit


It’s that time of year again! The hustle and bustle of making jewelry, packing it up, traveling to shows and setting up your booth or display table. One of the best time-tested ways to travel to shows is with a carrying case full of jewelry trays and tray liners. However, it can take time to find the right case, choose the trays, and then pick out the liners. Our Carrying Case Kit (available for a limited time) takes the guesswork out of shopping for a carrying case and saves you time! Here are the details…

The Case:

jewelry carrying case

The case is our largest water-resistant canvas case that has wheels for easy transportation, a pull-out handle, and space for 17 1″ trays. The 91-4A is a side-loading case has a dual zipper to make placing trays in the case a breeze. This case also folds down compactly for easy storage.

The Trays & Liners:

jewelry trays

Here’s the real time-saving part of the Kit–it comes with (17) of our popular TY-0011-BK 1″ plastic stackable jewelry trays and (17) assorted tray liners. The included inserts are as follows: (2) 96-07 (BK), (2) 96-08 (BK), (2) 96-10 (BK), (2) 96-18 (BK), (2) 96-24 (BK), (2) 96-50 (BK), (2) 93-1 (BK), (2) 92-72E BK, (1) 68-H-BK. All your jewelry needs will be covered with this assortment of liners!

Travel Tip: Worried about your jewelry staying safely in place during travel? Our foam ring liner (item 97-72E) doubles as a protector when placed over your jewelry! Learn all about it in our Jewelry Show Tip video on YouTube!

Happy travels!

jewelry tray liner
Jewelry not included.

Traveling Necklace Busts

When you’re traveling to shows all summer, you need a display that makes traveling and setting up as easy as possible. After all, the less time you spend setting up, the more time you can spend selling. In addition to necklace easels, we have a couple of options for traveling necklace busts that are also great choices for displaying on the road. What travels light, pack nearly flat, and makes your life easer?

The Traveling Necklace Bust!

black necklace bust


This bust has a pop-out back. traveling display

Packs almost flat for easy traveling.

necklace display

And it doesn’t stop there. Try a combo traveling bust to display jewelry sets! Showing your customers pairing options in one place is a great way to get a bigger sale.

combo bust


The traveling necklace bust is also available in several other options, including a tall necklace display.

Need a display with less height? Another fabulous options for traveling is this pop-up necklace display, which packs flat and pops up to create a low profile bust. It works well for choker-style necklaces or thicker beaded necklaces.

low profile bust

What’s your favorite traveling necklace display? Browse more necklace bust options.



Necklace Displays: A bust or an easel?

What’s the difference between a bust and an easel? Is one necklace display better than the other? Which one will work best for YOUR products? There are quite a few questions to ask when putting together a presentation for your necklaces! We think it’s time you had some answers–at least about the difference between these two great necklace display styles.

Here’s the deal:

Necklace busts work best for heavier jewelry or thicker necklaces or for displaying that isn’t going to be moved around a lot (such as a jewelry table in a store). Since the busts tend to weigh more than the easels, they’re often used for display tables in stores, or more elaborate and involved displays at art and craft shows (shows that last for several days). Unlike easels, busts are freestanding and do not pack flat. Although they are bulkier, they can hold heavier jewelry and have a very elegant, classic display look.

necklace display
Necklace bust.

Necklace easels are more lightweight, and work well for traveling to shows. They’re also a great way to display chains with pendants, but might not be the best option for heavy necklaces. Easels will also work on a display table, as they are easy to arrange and don’t really take up much room. As the name implies, necklace easels have an easel back, which usually lies flat against the display when not standing up. The easel back is pulled away from the display and secured by another piece of the display that fits into the easel portion to keep the display upright.

necklace easel
Side view of a necklace easel.

So there you have it!  Busts and easels are great ways to display necklaces, but the right one for you depends on your jewelry style, as well as where and how you’ll be displaying.

Pink + Red + Purple Packaging











With Valentine’s Day this week, we can’t stop dreaming in pink and red and purple–and we haven’t even shared our favorites with you yet!  Although Valentine’s Day makes us think of pink, purple, and red jewelry packaging more than the rest of the year, we’re hardly limited to using these colors for just this month! We think these picks are perfect all year around.


PINK PICK: This hot pink glossy tote bag won’t go wrong any time of the year! Pair with tissue paper for a packaging look that begs to be remembered.













RED: This heart-shaped necklace box couldn’t be better for a romantic gift any time of the year! It’s perfect for that elegant pendant you’re displaying. Simply place the pendant in the center of the insert, secure the chain with the tabs, and place any excess chain in the bottom of the box. Nothing says “love” better than a heart-shaped box.

heart shaped box












PURPLE: It’s hard to pick our favorite purple product, but we’re going to have to go with our lavender flora satin ribbon. Tie a bow on top of any package with this help of this 5/8″ wide satin ribbon.


lavender ribbon












Image courtesy of mistermong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Day Twelve: Aluminum Jewelry Tray + FREE Liner!

12 Days of Deals–Day Twelve

Buy an Aluminum Jewelry Tray and get a FREE Liner!

The details: This elegant aluminum tray comes with a free gemstone liner today! Buy one AL831K at regular cost and receive an 83-2M(WH) for free! (That’s a value of $5.15 for free!) The aluminum tray liner comes with a glass lid and a clasp for secure viewing and displaying. Free liner is white foam with 36 acrylic gem jars. Ideal for display gems, beads, charms, and lockets.


Aluminum Tray (liner pictured not included):

aluminum jewelry tray










FREE 83-2M(WH):

gemstone liner











(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Day Eight: Traveling Necklace Display Case

12 Days of Deals–Day Eight!

Traveling Necklace Display Case

The Details: Save $11 on our Traveling Necklace Display Case! This display case is perfect for indoor and outdoor events, and makes traveling with your jewelry much easier. (Hint: this item makes a great gift!) Display holds eight 30″ or 60″ necklaces doubled over, and eight 40″ necklaces. Also holds 12 earring cards (cards not included). Includes a foam pad that will keep your jewelry securely in place during travel so that you’re able to have more time selling and less time setting up. Measures 22 1/2″ H x 14-1/4″ W x 3″ D when closed. **This item ships for free!**


traveling necklace display case













(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Day Seven: Polka Dot Organza Pouches

12 Days of Deals: Day Seven

Black Polka Dot Organza Pouches

The details: Save 33% on these organza pouches! Sold by the dozen, these lovely pouches measure 2″ x 3″ and are ideal for packaging stocking stuffers, earrings, rings, and most smaller items. Made from black organza, these pouches have an added fun twist with black polka dots! Pull shut with a black statin ribbon and you have an instant gift. Regularly $2.16/dozen.


organza pouches













(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Day Six: Necklace Box (Leatherette Model)

12 Days of Deals–Day Six!

Necklace Box (Leatherette Model)

The details: Today’s elegant deal is our beautiful leatherette model necklace box (VN7-BK-W-BK). You’ll save 17% by purchasing this box now! Ideal for classic, elegant gift packaging, such as an extra-special necklace that is being given as a holiday present. Leatherette model is a luxurious material, and one of our finest boxes. Box measures 4 1/4 ” x 7″ x 1 5/8″ tall, and is black leatherette model, with a black insert and with white on the inside of the lid. Two-piece packer is included. Originally $4.23 per piece.


necklace box











Love this box and want to see more? Browse our entire line of Leatherette Model Boxes.


(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Day Five: Jewelry Storage Organizer + 8 FREE Liners!

12 Days of Deals

Day Five: Buy a Jewelry Storage Organizer and get 8 FREE liners!

Details: The Jewelry Storage organizer has 8 trays with lids and measures 15 3/4″ x 9″ x 15 3/4″ tall. Usually, the liners are sold separately, but for today’s deal, if you buy an 883-2 at regular price, you’ll receive 8 tray liners for free!

You’ll receive an assortment of our popular liners including the following:

(2) 96-07

(2) 96-08

(2) 96-12

(2) 96-24

Shop the Jewelry Storage Organizer here!

jewelry storage organizer












(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Day Three: Metal Earring Stand

12 Days of Deals Before Christmas

Day Three- Metal Earring Stand!

The details: This elegant black metal earring stand holds up to 32 pairs of earrings, making it a versatile product that would be great n a jewelry display table, or for the earring lover in your life! Measures 10″ wide by 16″ tall.


Shop this earring stand here.

earring stand












(Cover image  courtesy of samarttiw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)