Day Two: Poly Hand Display

12 Days of Deals Day Two!

Poly Hand Display

The details: this black poly hand display is regularly $7.40, and today you can have it for only $4.39! It measures 4″ wide and 8″ tall, making it an ideal choice for a bracelet or necklace display. Poly hands are a popular way to display jewelry in a unique and creative way. You’ll often see them as part of a window display, or as a fun focal point on a jewelry display table.

Shop this poly hand display here. 

poly hand display

Day One: Rosewood Watch Case

Introducing the 12 Days of Deals Before Christmas!

For the next 12 days, we’ll have a new deal every day on an item you love (or that would make a great Christmas present!).

To start things off on Day One, we’re giving you a savings of $9.55 on this beautiful Rosewood Watch Case.

The details: Originally $59.40, today the case will be available for $49.85. This lovely case is perfect for the top of a dresser or on a vanity to keep a collection of watches in one, easily-accessible place. Holds up to 20 watches, ten on top and ten in slide out drawer at bottom of case. The glass top adds to the elegance of the case and easily allows you to see inside! Rosewood finish makes this watch case especially charming .┬áMeasures 11 5/8″ x 8″ x 5 1/2″ tall when closed.

Have to have it (or know someone who would love this as a gift)? Shop here.

watch case

Don’t forget to check back for Day Two’s Deal tomorrow!

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Winter Gift Packaging Picks

silver star bow

Brrr! As winter approaches, we’re thinking of sparkling white snow, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and most importantly, winter wonderland-inspired gift packaging. We’ve put together a few packaging options that remind us of the things we love most about winter, and hope that we spark some inspiration for your packaging this season.

We’re loving the following winter themes:

1. Starry nights. Can you picture it? A clear, cold night, with the stars shining brightly above? This linen tote in dusky blue with a silver star bow takes us right to happy memories of starry winter nights, which snow sparkling u. Use white tissue paper complete the pairing.

2. Cozy evenings by the fire. Another linen tote bag, this cheerful red pairs perfectly with a gold star bow┬áand white tissue paper. With this combo, you’ll have a a warm color to keep spirits bright during grey winter days, and the splash of gold from the bow will add some extra richness to the set.

3 & 4. Winter wonderland. Whether you choose one of these bags or use both for your packaging, the glossy tote bags in purple and navy make a dreamy winter combo! Pair these popular winter colors with white tissue paper for a complete gift packaging look.

gift packaging

purple gift bag

navy gift bag

Wrap It Up Contest Rules & Regulations

Wrap it Up!

We want to hear your favorite packaging products and your tips for how you make your packaging special.

Entry and Participation

Participants enter by commenting on Facebook with their favorite packaging product or tips. Additional entries may be gained by Tweeting or Instagraming packaging products or packaging tips with the hashtag #gemsondisplay and commenting on Facebook about these entries. Up to three entries per person.

No purchase is necessary for entry.

Facebook is in no way associated with this promotion and participants agree to release Facebook of all liability.

Age and Location Regulations

Wrap it Up Contest begins October 22, 2013 and ends at midnight on November 11, 2013.

Contest is only applicable to participants living within the 48 contiguous states who are 18 years of age and above.

Contest Sponsor and Promoter

This contest is sponsored and promoted by Gems on Display.

Sponsor and promoter address: 24516 3rd St, Grand Rapids, OH 43522

Phone number: (419) 830-3104

We reserve the right to use participant names and contest entry for publicity purposes only; no other information will be recorded or used without authorization. Winner will be contacted at the end of contest for shipping information.

All About Jewelry Tray Liners

jewelry tray liners

Need some jewelry tray liners for those trays? We thought so.

It can be challenging to know which liners you need for your trays (especially when there are so many options). To make it simple, weÔÇÖre broken it down into four main categories of tray liners: Compartments, Gemstones, Liners and Pads, and Rings.

Compartment Liners– These liners come with anywhere from six to fifty vertical or horizontal compartments and can be used for a wide variety of products such as bracelets, necklace, beads, stones, and much more. The compartment liners are useful for both display and organization.

Pro tip: Some of the compartment liners work especially well for specific display products; for example, the ten compartment tray liner (96-T1) fits the Glass Top Gemstone box (GB-0001) perfectly! Also, the 28 compartment liners are perfect for earring displays (item number BX565 fits right in there!).

Compartment Liners
Compartment Liners

Gemstone liners— the acrylic gem jar liners are ideal for gems, beads, charms, lockets, and much more! The gemstone liners are all the same dimensions, but have different sizes of jars depending on how many jars are in the liner. These liners range from 24-50 jars per liner for the full sized liners and 12 or 25 jars for the half-sized liners. The acrylic jars all have a foam insert, a pop on/off lid, and are set in a foam pad that comes in either white or black. Once placed in a jewelry tray, this makes for a fantastic display!

Gemstone liners
Gemstone Liners also work for beads, charms, lockets, and more!

Liners & Pads— excellent for an elegant and classic display. Velvet display liners are ideal for displaying, and a simple way to go from traveling to displaying without a extra hassle. Simply place your jewelry on the display pad or velvet liner in an attractive manner for an eye-catching display.

jewelry tray liners
Velvet Liners and Display Pads

Rings– Ring liners are available in two types. Foam pads with ring inserts, or as tufted tray liners. These come in full size or half size liners, and have a few different color options.

Ring liners
Pro tip: You can also use the ring liners to place on top of your jewelry in a tray to keep it from moving around during travel in a carrying cases.

Remember: liners go inside trays to make a complete display. Full size liners will fit in full size trays, and half-sized liners will fit into half-sized trays.

A Guide to Jewelry Trays

jewelry trays

jewelry trays

Have you ever tried to pick out a jewelry tray and gotten overwhelmed by so many options? If your answer is yes, this guide is for you! We know how challenging it can be to know where to begin when faced with a variety of options. Black or white trays? 1ÔÇØ deep or 2ÔÇØ deep? Wood or plastic?┬á Full size or half size? Trays, trays, trays! LetÔÇÖs begin to sort through the options, shall we?

First, letÔÇÖs visit the difference between half size and full size trays. Full size trays measure 14 3/4″ long x 8 1/4ÔÇØ wide, with different depths (which weÔÇÖll cover next). The full size trays will accommodate full size tray liners. Half size trays measure 7 1/4ÔÇØ x 8 1/4ÔÇØ and will accommodate the half size tray liners.

jewelry trays and liner

Tray depths.┬áStandard full size trays (the wood or plastic trays without lids) are typically 1ÔÇØ, 1.5ÔÇØ, 2ÔÇØ or 3ÔÇØ deep. The most common depth is 1ÔÇØ, but this really depends on what youÔÇÖre displaying and what look youÔÇÖre wanting to achieve. The 1ÔÇØ trays are fantastic for charms, rings, beads, or anything that youÔÇÖll be displaying with a tray liner. The deeper trays are great for displaying sunglasses, pouches, and other larger items.

Colors. Trays typically come in black or white. YouÔÇÖll want to choose the color that will best set off the colors of your products, as well as a color that will correspond with the rest of your displays.

Finally, should you choose plastic or wood? The plastic trays interlock, making them stackable. If youÔÇÖre also purchasing a carrying case and storing the trays in the case, or planning on traveling with your jewelry, the stackable trays can help make the mobile display process easier! The wood trays are wrapped in leatherette for a beautiful, finished look and are a great option for an elegant display.

A few side notes on trays:

-There are also a variety of trays that have lids for extra protection during display, as well a series of lightweight trays that work well for home shows.

-Looking for an elegant, premium tray? The aluminum tray with glass lid is an excellent option for the showcase.

-There is a series of trays made especially for showcase use. You can find the showcase trays here.

The next step to creating a display with a tray  is choosing a jewelry tray liner, which we will cover in our next post!


Fall 2013 Color Trends

purple kraft bag

Fall is rapidly approaching, and we can’t get enough of the Pantone Fall 2013 color trends! There’s so much one can do with these colors, whether it’s with packaging and displays, or incorporated in jewelry designs. From deep blues and purples to bright pinks to cool greys, these colors are just fantastic.

pantone fall 2013 color report
Fall 2013 Color Report

For packaging, we suggest using the dark blue or purple tinted kraft bags for packaging purposes. Paired with white or tan tissue paper, this would make a great fall packaging look for almost any style.

blue kraft bag

purple kraft bag

Loving the greys in this fall’s trend report? We don’t blame you. In fact, they’re one of our favorites, too. These greys work incredibly well as a display, since the cool color makes brighter colors pop while making subdued colors appear elegant (think black onyx or creamy white pearls).

earring display

If you’re wanting bright splashes of color for your packaging and displays this fall, you’re in luck. This fall’s color report is trending some pretty pinks that will bring you the color you need! You can go wild with this hot pink necklace bust, or add that splash of color to your gift packaging with hot pink euro tote bags.

pink euro tote

How to Get Customers in Your Booth (and keep them there!)

how to display
Use acrylic risers as an inexpensive way to create height levels in your jewelry displays!

Ever wonder why when youÔÇÖre at a an art or craft show, some booths have people crowded around them, while others are virtually empty? Or, more specifically, how to get people to notice your booth and then stay long enough to purchase something?

There are a couple of key things you need to accomplish overall, and then weÔÇÖll go into three specific ways you can increase your sales. These key things are the following: you need to catch peopleÔÇÖs attention, keep them interested, and make what you have so valuable to them that they canÔÇÖt live without it. How do you make this happen? LetÔÇÖs start from the outside of the booth and work our way inside.

1. An attractive booth. This is how you catch their attention. If you have a booth that is pleasing to the eye with carefully-selected, appropriate decor and signs, people will be more likely to both notice you and stop by to look. Use attractive fabrics, a clean tent, stylish signs, etc, to initially capture people’s interest. If the outside of your booth is attractive, they’ll want to stop by and see what’s inside.

2. Your product. This the first half of how you keep them interested (and part of how you give your product value). This needs to be displayed and presented in such a fashion that they are drawn in and want to keep looking. Do you have everything flat on a table so that itÔÇÖs boring for people to see and hard to distinguish between items? Or do you utilize varied height levels, appropriate displays, and lighting? Clearly price your items and have signs pointing to things of interest. This helps people to know where to look.

how to attract customers
A friendly face can go a long way toward making customers comfortable! (Image courtesy of stockimages at

3. You! This is the other half of keeping their interest and making your product valuable to others. Your body language and how you act when people enter your booth make a huge difference in how comfortable people will feel when browsing, and help to determine whether or not theyÔÇÖll feel like browsing. If youÔÇÖre sitting in a corner reading a book and ignoring the people who stop by, or greet them with a mouth full of food, they arenÔÇÖt going to feel welcome. However, if you greet them with a smile and engage them in conversation, theyÔÇÖll feel more at ease and therefore be more likely to make a purchase. Talk about the weather, share your creative process with them, show them one or two of your favorite pieces and ask them what they like or dislike (and then youÔÇÖll be able to guide them toward things that they will love!). Engaging people and showing them that youÔÇÖre not only passionate about your work but that you care about them will give your pieces value in their minds and turn those potential customers into actual customers!

What are some tried-and-true ways of attracting peopleÔÇÖs interest that have worked for you?

Layered Necklaces on Display

necklace display
Layering necklaces is easier than you think!

We canÔÇÖt get enough of this seasonÔÇÖs layering trend! HereÔÇÖs how to create a show-stopping display with this look.

1. Start with a statement piece. This can be a gorgeous pendant, a locket, or even a chunky bead necklace. It should be slightly shorter than your other layers and be different enough from the others that it catches the eye. This is the focal point around which you will build the other necklaces.

2. Add the remaining necklaces. These should be a mix of thin beaded necklaces or various chain necklaces. At least two of them should be the same length to give the look some width, and there should be at least two or three different lengths of necklaces for a complete layered look.

3. Tada! You have a beautiful layered necklace display. This type of necklace looks best on a tall display, such as our wood hand-carved necklace displays (shown above), or one of the 14ÔÇØ necklace busts.

Happy displaying!

Images courtesy of Arvind Balaraman at and Coyote Beads