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Dark Wood Ash 6 Drawer Jewelry Tray Organizer
Looking for a stylish and natural wood feel to store and hold your jewelry? Use our natural wood six drawer compartment organizer in your retail store or for your jewelry collection. This beautiful display organizer is perfect wooden jewelry tray holder to separate your rings from your necklaces all while keeping your jewelry in the same place. 
Antique Ash Wood 6 Drawer Jewelry Tray Organizer
SKU#: TY-8816-W21
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Product Description

Product note: Crafted of an earthy, antique ash. 

Color: Antique Ash

Size: 16" x 9" x 11-3/4"

Description: This 6 drawer organizer is perfect for adding compartment inserts and holding your jewelry all in one place/ With size different drawers this item is beautiful to look at and easy to store your jewelry. 
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Q & A

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How deep (tall?) are the drawers? Wondering if I can fit my jewelry trays in them, or if the drawers aren't deep enough
The drawers on this item measure 14.75" x 8.25" x 1.8" in height.
what is the exact width of the drawers within the organizer?
The drawers are 14-3/4 wide. They are considered a "Large Tray" size

Overpriced for poor quality
I do not recommend this item. It is barely holding together, one of the handles is already becoming detached, and I haven't even used it. It will not be up to holding gemstones which is what I bought it for.
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