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Aluminum Jewelry Tray Carrying Case with Wheels, Holds 12 1
Protect your valuables with this aluminum clad jewelry carrying case. Tiered Pricing: the more you purchase of this aluminum carrying case, the more you save.
Aluminum Jewelry Tray Carrying Case with Wheels, Holds 12 1" Trays
SKU#: 861-7
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Price Per Unit $139.38 at Quantity 1

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Product Description

Product note: Holds (12) 1-inch trays (sold separately and found in the Trays & Liners category under Assorted Trays).

Color: Grey.

Material: Aluminum.

Size:  Inside Measures 8.75 x 15.75 x 13.25" tall. .

Description: Very elegant and classy aluminum case. Case has a pull-out handle and wheels. Case also includes combination locks and additional storage area inside door. Weighs 12 pounds and holds 12 1-inch trays. Makes traveling to shows easier by keeping your jewelry securely in a carrying case! Trays not included.
Product Specifications

aluminum carry case
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I ordered the wrong case and had to replace it. It was my fault due to inexperience with this line of merchandise.

I have trays of display art jewelry in her. I number them and keep a list, and at a touch of a button can find anything. Then I lock it, pull it along on wheels, and go from show to show. great invention customer service Paula is great.
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