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Jewelry Display Cards

The way you display and package your jewelry will leave your customers with a memory of your brand. Let us help you leave them with a positive memory with our cardstock jewelry displays.

As a jewelry card manufacture, we promise to serve our customers with an exceptional product along with great customer care. This is why we are very happy to offer this section of wholesale jewelry packaging cards in a variety of styles. For example you are able to order blank earring cards or kraft necklace cards without your logo in this section. No matter the size or style of blank jewelry cards you are looking for we have the ability to create the best cards for your business.

Blank Jewelry Cards
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Measures 2" x 3"
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Perfect for the DIY'er these card stock earring cards are the perfect choice for those looking to stamp there own logo onto there jewelry creation. These cards are 100% Made in the USA, from premium papers sourced from quality mills all over the country. With availability in 11 colors, you are sure to find the perfect card for your jewelry packaging.