5 Packaging Ideas For Your Jewelry Shop

Packaging is a stable for the jewelry industry. The color of your boxes, material, shape and design all play a major role in the presentation of your items to the customer. In Today’s blog we are going to talk about 5 packaging lines Gems on Display has to offer.

Cotton Filled Boxes

Cotton Filled Boxes

  • Gems on Display has one of the best collections of cotton filled gift boxes to offer. with a variety of different sizes available in bulk along with a color selection to your choice.
  • This item is a very cost effective way to package your products, while also providing your items with great protective.
  • We specialize in added custom artwork to this item allowing you to brand your cotton filled boxes with your logo.
Black Velvet Jewelry Boxes

Black Velvet Jewelry Boxes

  • Also a great cost effective way to package your items. The black velvet series has inserts that will work for a majority of jewelers. This is a metal packing box with a velvet finish, the metal interior creates a strong and sturdy box for you to use and protect your jewelry.
  • This item also comes with a white 2-piece packer box adding an extra step of protection for your jewelry.
Paper Slider Boxes

Black & White Slider Boxes

  • Available in 6 different styles for jewelry packaging, allowing to protect and pack all of your jewelry needs.
  • Each style of black and white is available for printing, allowing you to brand your jewelry packaging with your logo.
  • Item is sold in bulk quantities allowing you to save on cost per box, while also providing your customers & jewelry with a well structured box.
Navy Leatherette

Navy Leatherette Boxes

  • Luxurious and stylish the navy leatherette series is a perfect way to package your jewelry. Thick and well constructed box, making it a perfect fit to make a lasting image in your customers hands.
  • Available 8 different sizes, allowing you to match your packaging line with the same series for each style of jewelry.
  • Black packer box is included with this item, giving your box and jewelry extra protection in transit.
  • Available for printing, allowing you to add your logo the inside or outside of this item.
Piano Finish Jewelry Boxes

Black Gloss Wood Boxes

  • Truly a step of above all outsider boxes, beautiful black gloss finish with a strong structured wood box. Making it hard to find a better constructed jewelry box. Also available in Red Rosewood.
  • 5 different styles available, allowing you to packaged your jewelry in a line that is going to bring your customers back for more.
  • Available for printing, allowing us to add your logo to the outside of this box and create a custom product that your customers will love.
  • This box comes with a 2 piece packer, making sure the quality product has extra protection.


  • At Gems on Display, we offer a bulk variety of jewelry boxes that will work for great for your store. Please take a look at the link below. If you do not see the items you are needing for your store or shop. Please contact us at either 419-830-3104 or michael@gemsondisplay.com Thank you for your time and have a great day!
  • https://www.gemsondisplay.com/jewelry-boxes-cl35

Great Ideas for Stickers

Just about everywhere you look there are some form of stickers or labels, whether this is on the bottle you are drinking out of or the laptop cover you have at home. So what makes stickers so great?? How can I make my own personal stickers?? Can I use my stickers to market my brand or company? In this article we are going to talk about all of these and how you can use stickers in both a personal setting and business setting.

What Makes Stickers Great??

Design: The best part about having stickers, is that it shows your personality. You can show this through the style, shape, and size.

One of the most popular spots that you will see a personal sticker is on cars and bumper stickers. A majority of this item you will see are this persons favorite sports team, which political party they side with, quotes from a movie, student driver, or maybe there is an infant on board. With the car stickers being outside a majority of the time, this will meant that you need a heavy duty sticker to withstand the weather. This is why you’ll want a vinyl sticker with strong adhesive.

If you are like me, then you will have a absurd amount of stickers on your laptop case or cover. I personally do not know why I put so many stickers on my laptop, but this is a great way to add character to your technology. The best sticker for a laptop would be a kiss-cut sticker, this is very similar to a die-cut sticker. The kiss cut is easier to peel off, which makes them easy for laptops, phones, tablets, etc.


As you are aware stickers and labels are everywhere you look in modern day life. Producing high quality stickers and labels for your brand can really help you make a push in awareness. At Gems on Display we specialize in personalization and are more than willing to make your stickers or labels perfect for your personal life or business. Take a look at the link below to view our entire selection.


Tips on Buying Gemstones

It is hard not to fall in love with a gorgeous gemstone, this could be an item you are looking to make into a piece of jewelry or a stone used for decorative beauty. No matter the use gemstones will always have a overwhelming presence.

Basic Tips for Quality Gemstones

  1. Look into the item: The number of gemstones for sale is hard to count. It is one of the many great things about the industry is the variety available. Which is why it is great idea to do your research and make sure you know what you are buying.
  2. Trust in the seller you are working with: Similar to the jewelry industry many people have reputable sellers that they trust when buying jewelry. This is no different, go into a shop with plenty of questions about the item. It is always great when a seller has just as much knowledge about the item as you do.
  3. Take your time: There is no rush in purchasing gemstones. When you are in the buying process sometimes it can get exciting and you will want to make a purchase right away. Take your time with this and look over the gemstone for any imperfections or anything that may need repaired. It does not hurt to bring your own jewelry loupe of microscope to get a further inspection on the item.
  4. Try to get insurance or a guarantee: It always a great sign you are working with reputable sellers when they offer a guarantee on their items. This will often mean the seller trust in the items they are selling.
  5. Price Check; It doesn’t hurt to shop around and see if you are buying this item at market price. Check online, go to different stores, ask experts in the industry for an appraisal. This is a great way to make sure you are paying a fair price on your item.


  • With these buying tips provided you will have a great base in making an accurate honest purchase. Contact us with any questions you may have, but make sure to always enjoy the process of finding new beautiful gemstones.

History of the Jewelry Box

Jewelry packaging or boxing has dated back far before my time or even your time. The first known concept of a jewelry box dates back to ancient Egypt. You might wonder what was the purpose of these boxes? Well the Egyptians had a very similar use for them as we do organization, storage, & protection.

While in today’s society we refer to our jewelry boxes as chest or cases, in Egypt these pieces were referred to in terms of “Jewelry Casket”. You may think that a casket sounds large but this item is slightly smaller then a chest and it would be sitting atop of a stand.

Until the Victorian era, owning jewelry was known as a luxury. When you owned enough jewelry that you were requiring storage, you would have considered to be royalty in the ancient times. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution when jewelry started to by more economical for mass groups. With the price of jewelry coming less expensive, this meant more people would require jewelry packaging and storage units. Unlike the “Jewelry Caskets” or “Chests” used in Egypt, jewelry storage boxes became much smaller and more accessible for a dresser storage or bathroom storage in the modern day.

Over time the jewelry storage box will continue to grow and evolve, but we can remain certain that the values will stay the same storage, organization and protection. Take a look at the link below to view some of our modern jewelry storage units.



Elements That Can Tarnish Your Jewelry

Extreme light
Metal mixing
Some cosmetics
Body oils and lotions
Harsh cleaning chemicals

How to Store Your Jewelry
  • Clean jewelry properly before storage.
  • Separate jewelry by metal, as interactions between different metals could ruin luster.
  • Place packets of silica gel or activated charcoal inside the jewelry box to absorb moisture.
  • Research the cleaning method that is best for each piece.
  • Conceal items in cloth bags or in boxes.
  • Store in a dark, dry place.
  • Utilize dividers to separate pieces in drawers.
  • Wrap pieces in anti-tarnish cloth or paper.
  • Avoid bathrooms and direct sunlight.

Jewelry Packaging Tips & Ideas

  • Good packaging can play a major role in the performance of your jewelry shop. A well packaged piece of jewelry will not only arrive safely and presentable to your customer, but with the addition of branding your boxes, bags, jewelry cards, pouches, etc. This will allow your company to build image & likeliness with this customer and continue to bring in repeat business.

Jewelry Boxes

  • Great option for branding. Many jewelry boxes can have your logo added to the top of the box or inside lid. Creating multiple spots for your customer to view your logo.
  • Protection: One of the better options to ensure your products arrive safely to its destination.
  • Presentation: Whether you are selling bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etcs. you are able to find a box with the insert that matches your jewelry. This is ideal for when your customer opens your packaging and creates that lasting moment.
  • https://www.gemsondisplay.com/jewelry-boxes-cl35

Jewelry Cards

  • With a large amount of jewelry cards being made with custom card-stock, this will allow you to add your full color logo and image to your cards.
  • Jewelry Cards tend to be most popular in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and barrette.
  • For transit of this item, jewelry cards can easily be placed inside of a gift box or jewelry pouch to provide extra protection in shipping.
  • https://www.gemsondisplay.com/earring-cards-custom-cards-cl372


  • These tips are a useful quality to understand new ways and possibilities for your jewelry. Following these tips can increase your brand awareness along with customer retention. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section.