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3 Fall Picks


Fall Picks

Can you believe that fall is right around the corner? It seems like we should still be picking cucumbers from the garden, swimming in the lake, and packing for vacation!

Of course, fall is exciting, too! Pumpkin cookies, changing leaves, cooler weather, and brand new fall displays. We have a few of our favorites for fall that we’d like to share with you! The following three products are among our favorites, but we have a feeling we’ll have a few more for you before the fall season is over. These wood displays in particular draw our interest because of their ability to match with honey gold tones or deep chocolate browns, which are appearing in many fall color schemes this year!

1. We just love this bracelet display! Can’t you see it stacked with sparkly bracelets all the way up to the wrist? Use your creativity when building a display with this piece in the center. It’s a fantastic way to display several bracelets at once, and to grab your customer’s attention with a unique display that won’t take away from your product.

Make some arm candy!

2. How about rings? It can be a challenge to keep rings organized and easy-to-be-seen, so we’ve searched far and wide for a product that is beautiful and functional. Here’s the ring display we love, and you can choose from three color options depending on your style!

Show rings in style


3. We haven’t forgotten about earrings! Our fall pick for earrings are these earring torsos. We think they’d be perfect in a boutique, or any type of creative, unique display. You’ll love how they make your earrings stand out.

Make your earrings stand out!


Go Away with a Mobile Display

travel kit for mobile displays


travel kit for mobile displays

Doing a lot of traveling to shows this year? Keep everything organized with a collection of mobile display items from Gems! This month we are featuring the 91-4B Premium Carrying Case with Wheels,  which holds 12 of the black stackable trays (TY-0011-BK), and a variety of you-pick-what-fits-you tray inserts. We have inserts of all types, from compartments to rings to velvet liners.

Traveling can be stressful, especially when your mind is focused on your show. You can keep part of that hassle to a minimum by keeping your jewelry, gems, or beads organized and ready for display. Take away the stress of wondering how you are going to get your products to the show safely  with a carrying case! Our featured carrying case has a pull-out handle and wheels for easy transportation, as well as a dual zipper side-loading design that makes pulling the trays out easy. It measures 16″ x 9″x 13 1/2″. Need something bigger or with different features? We have a wide variety of other carrying cases that are sure to meet your needs!

The featured carrying case holds our stackable black trays to keep them from sliding around in the case, but you are able to choose the type of tray liner that best suits your needs.

Carrying beads or gems? Give the gemstone tray liners a try!

Carrying bracelets, earring, or necklaces? Find a compartment liner with the right number of compartments for your products!

Wait, we’re forgetting rings, you say? Not for a second! We have an entire category dedicated to ring tray liners just for you!

Don’t forget to browse our velvet tray liners for displaying, too. Simply place jewelry on the liner for an instant elegant display. Any of our full-sized tray liners will fit into a regular-sized tray because we know how important it is for you to be able to customize your tray inserts.


Here’s to stress-free and organized traveling!

If you have any questions about the best carrying case or inserts for your products, give us a call at 1-888-317-2213! We know our products and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect option. For display inspiration, check us out on Pinterest


It’s Party Time!

It’s getting to be that time of year when friends gather around for a home show! If you’re an independent consultant who does home shows, you know that putting together everything you need for a show can be challenging, especially if you have to travel a long distance. It’s important to keep everything together and ready for an easy, elegant display. That’s where Gems can help!

We have three product categories that we think will make your life much easier when you’re working on getting everything together for a home show. These party picks will help you keep jewelry, beads or gems organized and safe during travel, and make setting up your display simple. Sound like fun?

Our Party Picks

1. Carrying cases make it easy to organize everything in one place! You can slide trays with inserts into a case, which means you can store all your jewelry in one, easy-to-access place. Many of our carrying cases have wheels and they all have accessible handles to make transportation uncomplicated.

2. Jewelry trays. Stackable trays are our pick for home shows or any type of mobile display since they won’t slide around in the carrying case.

3. Customizable inserts. Ring, gemstone, and compartment liners keep your jewelry in place while traveling while velvet jewelry liners make displaying products a breeze.

Gifts and Giveaways

What about those fun little gifts you give away as prizes at home shows?

Things like a small earring display, anti-tarnish squares, or jewelry pouches are great things to give away as thank you gifts or door prizes since they are functional and fun!

Earring dancers make great gifts and displays!


Keep It Simple

Keep your home show displays simple and beautiful. You’ll attract more recruits the easier you can make it look, so make things easy for yourself by being completely organized with a carrying case, trays, and tray inserts! We know you’ll shine at your show.


Pin Away on Pinterest!

picnic jewelry display


Looking for display inspiration? Then get a board…a pin board! Gems on Display is now on Pinterest! We’ve been busy pinning beautiful things paired with displays and products to give you a sea of ideas for your displays.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you are all pinning, too!

Happy pinning!


Add Your Logo

Do you know how easy it is to add your logo to your products with Gems?

Here’s how:

1. Go to and find the products you love with the “add your logo” icon next to them. Any of these items can have your logo on them!

2. Click the graphic, and upload your logo.

3. Our talented print tech, Jeff, will take your logo and make a mock up so that you can see how it’ll look. He’ll email it to you for your approval before moving forward.

4. Once he has your approval, he’ll make your printing plate (at NO extra charge!), carefully print your logo on the products you’ve selected, and then ship them off to you!

Could that be any easier?

P.S. But really, if you do have any questions at all, please give us a call at 1-888-317-2213 or email Jeff at We’d be so happy to help walk you through the process!




Custom Logo Printing: Products

earring cards
Add your logo to earring cards!

You already know that you can get your logo printed on many of the products you use every day (and you know how much this helps you with branding) but one question remains. Which products can you add that logo to? It’s a wonderful question, really, and the answer won’t disappoint you! There are so many options for products that can have your logo added. You can learn more as you continue reading, or visit our home site and browse your favorite products to see if they have the “add your logo” icon next to them.DisplaysA wide variety of popular displays can be imprinted with your logo so that your customers are familiarized with your logo as they browse through your store. Products such as acrylic watch display stands, all white leatherette displays (such as this t-bar display), 3D necklace, ring, and gem displays such as this 3D earring display, and more!

Earring Cards

Earring cards or display cards are another way to make your logo visible as they hang on a rotating display or are placed on a creative earring display. You are able to print on a variety of display cards from the Sterling Silver earring cards to the regular 1 ½” square earring cards to bracelet and necklace cards.

Gift Packaging

Send your customers home in style! Add your logo to your gift packaging process by having it printed on your gift bags. They won’t be able to forget you when they get home and open their bag again to see the products they are excited to have purchased (and everyone who sees their bag will also see your logo!).

gift packaging
Brand with gift packaging.

Jewelry Boxes

Be part of every special jewelry moment by adding your logo to your jewelry boxes. Whether it is the inside of an engagement ring box, a pair of anniversary earrings, or a just because necklace, you want to be there. Print your logo on your jewelry boxes and be part of these lasting memories—your customers will come back for more happy moments.

jewelry box
Logo printed on a jewelry box!
Happy printing!

Branding with Custom Logo Printing

necklace box
necklace box
Branding is imperative to your business. Having a strong brand is what keeps your customers coming back to you instead of finding someone else.It is also the way in which you create a lasting image for your store through a variety of factors to give your customers a clear picture about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. You can brand yourself through the colors you use, your customer service techniques, where you place your logo, and the type of products you sell, among other things.All of these factors are important, but one of them is especially easy. What is it, you ask? Branding with your logo!Your logo is an excellent way to brand yourself—especially if you use it strategically. Placing your logo—the mark of your brand—where your customers will see it often without feeling like it is being thrown at them is one of the best ways to keep your store and your image fresh in their minds. This is easily done with custom logo printing!Having your logo custom printed onto displays, earring cards, gift bags, jewelry boxes, and more is the way to have your logo seen over and over again. This insures that your customers will see your logo while they are browsing your products, again when they get home and take your products out of a gift bag printed with your logo, and again when they take their beads or jewelry out of the jewelry box that has your logo on it. There are many opportunities for branding with custom logo printing.
Brand with your logo!

Getting set up with custom printing couldn’t be any easier with services like the one Gems on Display provides. Don’t hesitate—start branding!

How to Clean Acrylic Displays

acrylic ring display

acrylic displaysIf you’ve been using acrylic displays for a while, you might have figured out that if you aren’t careful, they can scratch easily while you’re cleaning them! There are some simple things you can while you’re cleaning them to protect your displays and keep them from becoming cloudy or scratched.

Clean. Don’t clean them with a harsh or abrasive cleaner! Bleach or ammonia will not be kind to your displays. Instead, use a gentle cleaner such as dishsoap. If it is a light clean you are needing, plain water may be sufficient.

Wash. Carefully choose what you use to wipe or brush the acrylic. A soft toothbrush or polishing cloth are ideal for gently srubbing the acrylic to remove and dirt or dust particles that might be clinging to the surface.

Dry. A soft, lint-free option is preferable to dry the acrylic. For example, a paper towel or even a coffee filter are good options because they wil not scratch the acrylic or leave lint behind on your shiny, clean display surface.

What works best for you as you’re cleaning your acrylic displays?

3 Simple Ways to Create Displays

Creating displays is a vital part of your business. You have quite a challenge set before you when making displays for your store; you want to create something that will complement your products and grab the attention of customers, but not be overwhelming (or boring). There is a fine balance between creating the type of display that will bring attention to your products and creating a display that will distract your customer from your products with too many colors or props.

Follow these three simple tips for creating beautiful displays every time!

1. Know your customers. By knowing their likes and dislikes, you’ll be able to tailor your displays to things they will find attractive, and therefore be more likely to want. It also helps you with branding when you know what your customers are wanting.

t-bar display
T-bars can be used for more than necklaces and bracelets!

2. Make your display fun! Create an eye-catching display with the use of colors that complement one another, fun props that are part of your display’s theme, and add texture and color with floral arrangements or tissue paper poms.

3. Don’t do too much. Your product should always be the focal point of your displays and everything you do with your display should be to complement your product, not distract your customer. Too many props or colors will draw the attention away from the product you want to sell, so keep your displays simple and effective.

acrylic riser
Accent T-bar displays by adding height with an acrylic riser.

What things do you find the most helpful in creating an effective display?