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Grey Faux Suede with Dark Accents 13-Piece Display Set
Starting a store front can be tricky. Make the process smoother and simple with a complete display set. This complete 13-piece display set included 3 single ring displays, 2 hoop earring displays, 2 wedge necklace displays, 1 dual ring display, 1 watch display pillow, 1 watch display pillow holder, 1 ramp bracelet display, and 1 statement necklace display. Along with one base.
Grey Faux Suede with Dark Accents 13-Piece Display Set
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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 13 piece set.

Color: Grey Faux Suede with dark black accents

Material: Faux Suede

Size: Measures 16-1/8" wide x 9-1/8" deep x 9-1/8" tall.

Description: This display set includes:

3 single ring displays
2 hoop earring displays
2 wedge necklace displays
1 dual ring display
1 watch display pillow
1 watch display pillow holder 
1 ramp bracelet display
1 statement necklace display
1 base
Product Specifications

display set
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