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Luxury Beige Faux Leatherette with Steel Brown Trim
Are you ready for a quick turn around time and an entire display set at your finger tips? Look no further than this lush and luxurious showcase jewelry display set90. 
Luxury Beige Faux Leatherette with Steel Brown Trim
SKU#: SET90-L30
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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 28 piece set INCLUDING base pieces.


Color: Beige Leatherette with Steel Brown Trim


Material:  Faux Leatherette


Size: Measures 14-1/2" x 19-1/2" x 6-1/2" this measurement is taken from the OUTER most dimensions of the display when assembled as seen in the photo.


Description: Are you ready to try something NEW and FRESH? Why not try one of these fully loaded showcases? This display set is wrapped with a soft touch leatherette that cradles your handmade pieces. These displays also feature a collapsible base, making rearranging and quick break downs a SNAP. Why buy 10 displays, when you only need one? 

Pieces are as follows:
4 tall necklace displays
6 single ring clip half moon  displays
1 large center piece bust
3 combo bunny-ear hanging earring displays
1 DUAL combo bunny-ear hanging earring display
1 Slotted Ring Display 
2 Quad-pendant display with a clasp
2 Dual clip ring display 
3 Tray riser bases
3 flat bases

Product Specifications

showcase display set
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