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Great case for storage and travel (6/14/2022)
I use this case for traveling and shows to store my jewelry display boxes. Plenty of room and extremely secure with multiple latches and lock. Easy to steer and pull with wheels. One of the best purchases I ever made!

Patti - United States
Really Like (6/14/2022)
This is light weight, easy to load, not a full turning wheel only straight forward, but it is a safe and secure carrier and holds a lot. I recommend buying more trays.

Jeana - United States
Great Case but.... (11/4/2021)
This is a great case! I love the look and the design. I've searched high & low for a case like this. My one complaint...the wheels are too small and can't support this size of case. Even when I'm walking at a normal pace, it starts wobbling like crazy. Don't even think about walking fast or running across a busy street with it. It's my biggest frustration with an otherwise great case. Also, not made for airport did not hold up to airport handling...lots of dents and scratches & the stand on the bottom broke off.

Deborah - Utah, USA
This is an awesome case for transporting jewelry. The only improvement I would recommend is -it needs to roll smoother. Sometimes when I am pulling it, it wants to twist. Also, if there was a handle on the side it would make lifting case easier

Christine Blank -
Key does not come with the display case can't open the display case. No instructions on what the combination is. No customer service is available on Saturdays Very disappointed needed it for an event this weekend. Only received invoice which did not include combination or key very disappointed.

Loretta Shine -
Good,sturdy and inexpensive

Ekaterina Aparnikova -
The cart is very nice and reasonable price

Frank Brady -
Needs tray slide brackets (12/20/2018)
loved this case, but the trays slide around and collapse onto each other. This case would be perfect if it had "drawer slides". To get to the bottom trays you have to remove everything in the case. It is very well constructed.

Carolyn - USA
Works best for ring holders, is too small for the larger display cases, but is sturdy and will transport items well.

Christine -
Poor Construction (4/18/2015)
Like the functionality, but bought two of the handle broke off the 2nd time using it and now is unuseful, the second one the lining is all coming unglued...too much cost for me to ship back...

Allison - USA
Security, Safety & Luxury (1/13/2015)
This beautiful, well-constructed case provides enough room for 12 of my large gem display cases without fear of scratching the glass tops. The gem cases slide in and out easily, and the outer aluminum case locks 3 ways for my peace of mind. The wheels allow for easy maneuvering. The dual pouches in the door allow me to carry gem analysis tools, paperwork and cleaning supplies. I would recommend these cases to anyone who has a valuable collection to protect, and I plan to buy more of them as my collection grows. Gems on Display offers the best price on the market.

Cherie'' - Washington, USA
Great! (12/5/2014)
I use this case for traveling to shows and to store my jewelry display boxes. Plenty of room and extremely secure with multiple latches and lock.

Deb - Ohio
Aluminum Carrying Case Lg (10/10/2013)
I have a few of these cases, and I am very happy with the construction of it. It serves me well.

Darlene - Idaho, USA
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