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Excellent quality and it takes a small footprint on your countertop for a huge display option!

Holly -
Great, I'm sure, for 96 smaller pairs. Spacing is only 1/2" between holes horizontally; 3" between holes from one tier to the next. Does anyone make a display for longer earrings so the tiers do not overlap? Bottom tier on mine is not perfectly circular, but "lobed" because its size must have been a bit larger than the four wire uprights to which it is attached. This defect may go unnoticed when loaded with merchandise (earrings).

James -
96 SMALL pairs (5/17/2017)
Any but really SMALL earrings would be very crowded one-per-half-inch. Otherwise...48 pairs capacity. And any earrings more than 2 3/4 inches total length will be overlapping the row below or dragging on the bureau top.

James - North Dakota
I can now see all of my earrings

Ms Music 60 -
Functional and Beautiful! (10/6/2013)
with all the sparkly colors and dangle earrings, it looks like a chandelier!

Tammy - Indiana
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