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Nicely made, but unable to put a typical earring wire through the earlobe hole without bending and distorting it. Maybe would work OK for some studs. Not usable for me- but trying to use it made scratches on the ceramic surface making it un-returnable. Sigh.

Karen Calhoun -
Love Love this piece. It is really big and works beautifully. Great quality as well.

kacie Phipps -
Wobbly and Earrings Don't Fit (8/4/2017)
The material is high-quality and feels like porcelain. It is aesthetically, lovely to look at.

However, it wobbles in the stand. I have to adapt the pole by wrapping it in rubber bands to stand firm in the base. I'm afraid it will topple off the table because it is top-heavy on a pole stuck in a base with a hole, too large for the pole.

The earrings don't fit. Even simple french-hook wires will not glide into the hole without bending. I had to carefully, drill the hole larger to accommodate my custom-shaped wires that were "eaten" by the original hole and became terribly mis-shapen when I tried to remove them. Because the material is rigid and not flexible like human ears, the ears need to be MUCH thinner to accommodate the curves of earwires if they are to stay rigid. Mfg. take note: we need FLEXIBLE ears for earring mannequins.

Heather - NC, USA
Very artistic and attractive display for a necklace/earring combination.

Debra Malone-Hendrix -
Amazing product, I am so happy I found your website..

Anna Jesionka -
My favorite display. She is beautiful, super high quality!

Cindy Croft -
Amazing size and was very impressed with the quality of the material. Definitely recommend this item to everyone. Can't wait to display my jewlery and watch it stand out on this.

Veronica Ramirez -
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