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Good choice.

Louise Quales -
Good quality

Paul Harding -
Helping me organize my handmade pendants and necklaces so they don’t tangle up. I can fit 2 inserts per tray which is way more efficient than what I had before.

Mimi Gomberg -
great way to carry and sometimes display pendants at outside shows

Noelani Holden-Kane -
I am still waiting to receive my order.

Djuna Sellers -
Look cheap, are cheap, and depending on your requirements these might be perfect for your need..... but for me, since they are so shallow when I moved my case, all of my items moved around.... basically making them totally ineffective.

mary Jane Panzeri -
As described and inexpensive

SDHouston -
No problem fitting drawer. Sturdy enough to make a transfer from drawer to drawer with stuff inside.

Kim gemsondisplay Yoshiwara -
The trays are great for storing and displaying pendants.

Betty Meilander -
Useful and great storage room for almost any jewelry

Ismari Y Montes -
Great compartment tray. I like having the variety for the different drawers.

Marta D Flores -
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