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Great value

Beth M -
great value

Brenda Mann -
Loved it!!

Tracy -
Great, just what I was looking for

gerry strong -
My thoughts... (1/5/2018)
Nice looking & the look fit in with other display items I've been using. Not sure how well the plastic riser on the back (stapled in back of the form) will hold up. Liked the profile but there is nothing to keep a piece from sliding off of the sides of the bust, especially something that is longer and/or heavier. I'll still use but not as versatile (for me) as I'd like. Just be willing to be inventive when using so they work for you.

Kitty - PA, USA
It is well constructed, but just a little smaller than I expected.

Joyce Soria -
Recommend (5/19/2017)
Very nice quality & the profile is just what I was looking for. Nicely made & will give a professional look to my displays. Wasn't sure what was used on the back to give the bit of height - it's a formed piece of heavy plastic that's stapled into the back of the form. Time will tell how this sturdy this proves to be.

Kitty - Pennsylvania/USA
Just as I hoped for, sturdy and attractive.

Julie Curtin -
Love it just what I expected

Cheryl Phillips -
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