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Mine came assembly-required and without instructions. After pondering a bit, I figured out to put the lock washers between uprights and mirror mounts. Difficult starting the nuts because the screws are rather short; and the plastic locking feature in the nuts is ineffective because the bolt is not long enough to reach that far through the nut. On mine, apparently the mirror mounts were not affixed straight across, because when the mirror is straight vertical, the mirror is visibly skewed between the uprights. Love the beveled oval mirror. Love the simple wrought iron stand. Pre-assembly [or at least instructions!]; longer screws; and getting the mirror mounts glued on straight across could make this item a 5 instead of a 2.

James -
Assembly Required... (5/17/2017)
I'm a handyman but having difficulty assembling this unit. No instructions came with it. Where do the two lock washers go? [between bracket and mirror sleeve; or between mirror sleeve and locking nut]? Also, the uprights are wider than the mirror, to the point I must BEND them in ahead of time; or BOW them in as I manipulate screw, upright, mirror, lock washer and lock nut. Uff da! Trust it will be a nice unit once I get it assembled.

James - North Dakota
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