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I order these all the time!

Arora . -
Wonderful for the price (12/17/2018)
I give these a 5 star rating because of the quality compared to cost. The black boxes especially have a very nice outer finish and the sizing is consistent. I buy 5 cases at a time 2 or three times a year. There are a few boxes in each case where the filler is not perfect or the inner fold of the coating paper wasn't pressed into the corner, but for 17 cents a piece and free shipping I can straiten the filler and push down the tiny piece inside. The savings I get is well worth the few imperfections that are fixable.

Arora - Pacific Northwest
I have friends who have used these and recommended them. Unfortunately , I think I may have gotten a bad batch. Of the ones I have taken out of the case so far, they are just not of the quality I am used to in a gift box. Some are misshapen so that my presentation cards do not even fit in them. Overall , not a good experience.

Jannifer Long -
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