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This is one of my favorite sizes, as it is large enough to fit most earrings and pendants. I also use it to store things like spare earring backs. As a crafter, I cannot imagine why I haven't used these for crafting yet, as they are much less expensive and more easily configured than most of my crafting organizers.

Cheryl Giffin -
good quality

Paul Harding -
Great. It was exactly what i wanted .

Brenda Manley -
I love that it's light so its easy to transport. The only thing I would change is maybe add a back to the display, it seems a little cheap how it is now. Maybe also offer the grey color to match the necklace displays.

Cherie Chavez -
these are great. much nicer than i expected

Karen Brown -
Wonderful for organizing small items.

Kathleen B -
Love it! thank you for the product

Debra Lopez -
Wonderful selection of tray inserts!

Anna Brandal -
Works perfectly , very nice.

Jennifer Maschhoff -
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