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10-Piece Beige & Brown Jewelry Riser Set Display Pads
The lovely 10 piece beige & brown riser display shelf is a great addition for your jewelry showcases or showroom. Each piece capable of being moved and placed in any formation that best fits your stores needs, allowing this leatherette riser display to serve you in a variety of ways. The risers for jewelry display can be a great enhancement in setting your store apart. 
10-Piece Beige & Brown Jewelry Riser Set Display Pads
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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 10 piece jewelry display stage. Set is constructed of premium soft beige leatherette with a plush expensive feel.


Color: Beige and brown.


Material: Premium beige faux leather with brown leatherette trim..


Size: Measures 48-1/2" x 17" x 3" tall.


Description: This lovely beige leatherette with an elegant steel brown trim set of displays for jewelry contains the following 10 pieces: (10) piece base. Also, you can flip the the base pieces from this set and use as trays to store the disassembled components!
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10-Piece Beige & Brown Jewelry Riser Display Set
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