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Aluminum Tempered Glass-Top Display Case
For swap meets and art and craft fairs, simplify your set with this sturdy display case. 
Tiered Pricing: the more you purchase of this glass-top aluminum display case, the more you'll save. You can also view our other jewelry carrying cases.
Aluminum Tempered Glass-Top Display Case
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Product Description

Color: Grey.

Material: Aluminum and tempered glass top display case.

Size: Measures 24" long by 20" wide and 3" tall.

Description: These aluminum jewelry display cases have a tempered glass top. Display your products easily with this portable jewelry case! Case includes a security side panel for protective viewing, and comes with a lock and key. The glass top makes viewing a breeze for your customers, even if the case is closed.
Product Specifications

glass top display case
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What a Spectacular Business!!!
I bought an Awesome 24" × 20" aluminum glass display case for $121 with free shipping. I examined it and it's a high quality display case no doubt. Best Price around too. I forgot to put in a 5% coupon code at checkout and sent them an email and they gave me the discount no prob. They deserve lots of business! Now I will tell everyone who needs a showcase where to buy one. Thank you very much!
- Michael

5 Stars
I would like to rate this item 5 Stars, I liked it so much that I just bought another one, as you can see in the picture, the case has a carry handle, the handle gives the case more security, I really wanted a case that I could put a lock and chain around, and chain it to the fold up table that I have, this is one of the few display cases that has a carry handle, lets give the case 5 Stars
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