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Black Velvet Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 11
Item 189-2 (BK) is a velvet necklace stand, that works great for holding and displaying one necklace or chain at a time. This black velvet necklace display, has clips on the back of the bust which allow to you to secure your jewelry for safe displaying. The interior of this black necklace stand is made out of a sturdy wood, which gives the piece a secure presence when displaying jewelry. 
Black Velvet Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 11" Tall
SKU#: 189-2 (BK)
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Product Description

Color: Black.

Material: Velvet.

Size: Measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 11" high.

Description: One of our tallest necklace busts. This bust works well either as a top level in a necklace display with lower busts around it, or as a middle level if you have even longer necklace to display. Place necklace around top portion of display and fasten in back for secure displaying. Jewelry not included.
Product Specifications

necklace display
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Looks great, will make a great display.
- D.

Good quality. This is the second time to order this product. Would recommend.
- Ann
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