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Blue Leatherette Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 10
Take a look at this blue leatherette jewelry necklace bust, measuring 10" tall making ND-1897-S80 the perfect choice to display your necklaces, chains or pendants. This item comes with 2 clips on the back of the bust, allowing you to securely display your jewelry for the customer. Tiered pricing does apply to this item.  
Blue Leatherette Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 10" Tall
SKU#: ND-1897-S80
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Product Description

Color: Blue.

Material: Leatherette.

Size: Measures 6-1/4" long x 4" wide x 10" tall.

Description: This 10" tall necklace bust works great with a variety of necklaces, chains, or pendants. Making this item a very versatile jewelry display to add to your collection. 
Product Specifications

Medium Necklace Bust
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