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Brown Burlap Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 7-1/2
Tiered Pricing: the more of these burlap necklace display busts you purchase, the more you save.
Brown Burlap Jewelry Necklace Display Bust, 7-1/2" Tall
SKU#: ND-1850N-N3
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Product Description

Color: Natural brown and beige.


Material: Burlap.


Size: Measures 5-3/4" wide by 5" deep and 7-1/2" high.


Description: Display your jewelry in a way that screams 'Elegance.' This bust necklace holder has beauty and chic from every angle. The front appears as a normal bust, turn it to the side and be amazed at the curved profile (see picture 4). This is an fantastic addition to any display arrangement including but not limited to: Linen, Burlap, and Beige. 
Product Specifications

Medium Burlap Necklace Bust
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Showcase my bead jewelry designs perfectly!
- Sandra

Nicely put together and a good weight. It won't blow over easily at an outdoor show.
- Joyce
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