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Champagne Gold 57 Piece Jewelry Showcase Display Set
We strive to offer competitive pricing. The more you purchase, the more you save with the beautiful 43-piece set. Includes 14 riser tabs
Champagne Gold 57 Piece Jewelry Showcase Display Set
SKU#: SET 42-R63
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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 57 piece set INCLUDING riser tabs.


Color: Champagne Gold with Beige Brown Faux Leatherette Trim


Material: Faux Leatherette


Size: Measures 67-1/4" x 16" x 10-3/4" this measurement is taken from the OUTER most dimensions of the display when assembled as seen in the photo.


Description: This champagne gold display speaks for itself in all matters concerning easy of use, chic modern lines, and most importantly versatility. Why settle for single displays we you can buy an entire set? Beautiful and durable, this set contains 57 pieces. This count INCLUDES the base pieces. 4 semi circle gemstone half moons, 4 single ring displays, 2 11-Ring displays, 2 bracelet ramps, 2 single earring set, 2 single pendant displays, 3 single ring fan displays, 3 single ring clip displays, one multi-earring display, 1 multi-hanging earring display, 2 combo busts, 2 t-bar displays, 1 single necklace bust, 2 pendant ring combo displays, 2 bunny-ear hanging earring displays, 1 ring and pendant combo display, 1 dual ring display, 8 base displays, 14 riser tabs.

Individual Piece Codes as as follows:
Single Finger F42-1
Dual Clip Ring F42-2
11-Ring Clip F42-6
Pendant F35-8
Ring/pendant combo F42-5
Ring clip single low F42-11
Ring clip single medium F42-10
Ring clip tall F42-9
Ring Fan RD-351L
Earring flap F35-7
Earring tree F42-4
Pendant ring combo F42-3
Bracelet ramp DWB8
Large Jar Display JK-654
Small jar display JK-652
Multi hanging earring display DWE3
T-Bar F42-7
Combo bust F38-31
Bust ND-312
Product Specifications

showcase display set
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