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Frosted Acrylic Jewelry Necklace or Chain Display, 12
Frosted Acrylic Jewelry Necklace or Chain Display Stand. Measuring 7-5/8" x 12" tall, making this item a great choice to display your necklaces, chains or pendants. This item has 2 tiers at which you will be able to show off your jewelry. Item 1679 is made out of a frosted acrylic giving this piece a cloudy finish to the stand. Tiered pricing does apply. 
Frosted Acrylic Jewelry Necklace or Chain Display, 12" Tall
SKU#: 1679
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Product Description

Product note: Tall necklace display.

Color: Frosted.

Material: Acrylic.

Size: Measures 7 5/8" x 12" tall.

Description: Display your necklaces with frosted acrylic necklace displays! This display has a slightly rectangular look, and would work well for longer necklaces or bold pendants. A good display for traveling to shows. Jewelry not included.
Product Specifications

tall acrylic necklace display
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This product is just what I needed for photographing my jewelry. It's sturdy and well-made. And the shipping is always very fast and everything is well packaged. I really trust this company.
- Jane
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