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Glass Display Case Vertical Silver
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Glass Display Case Vertical Silver
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Product Description

Product note: Contains (3) shelves.

Color: Silver.

Material: Anodized aluminum frame and tempered glass.

Size: Measures 14" wide by 12" deep and 27" tall.
Box Dimensions: 15" x 17" x 32"
Weight: 27.65 Pounds or 12.5 Kilograms

Description: This beautiful vertical countertop display case is a great option for setting on top of a showcase, or somewhere near the point of sale to catch the eye of your customers. It has three shelves so that you'll be able to place a wide variety of jewelry, watches, figurines, or whatever you choose! The keyed lock will help to keep your items safe (keys included).
Product Specifications

glass showcase
Q & A

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Can the shelves be removed?
The shelves can be removed on these, correct.

It was everything that I expected it to be. I love it.
- Judith

Great Product
To anyone looking for a jewelry display case, I highly recommend this item. I'd have to say the best feature about it is that it's practically show case ready and that the key/spare key make this an absolute must. I have a friend that offered me one as well for a great price and very good product as well, however it was too big and super heavy. One upper hand that his had to offer that I really liked and I encourage this company to do as well is to add an additional strobe light at the top of it and if possible, slightly bigger case. Overall, GREAT product and GREAT service. One more's a family owned business and I like to support local family owned businesses.
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