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Red Burlap Drawstring Gift Pouches, 12 Per Pack
Available for printing, making these pouches a great option to brand your bags and items. Tiered Pricing: the more you purchase of these small burlap pouches, the more you'll save.
Red Burlap Drawstring Gift Pouches, 12 Per Pack
SKU#: PH-1163-N43
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Product Description

Product note: Sold by the dozen.


Color: Red


Material: Burlap


Size: Measures 3" x 4".


Description: This lovely jewelry drawstring pouch is perfect for packaging! Place your item in the pouch and pull the strings to close the bag. Ideal for packaging items such as a ring, a pair of earrings, a small necklace or pendant, and so much more.
Product Specifications

burlap drawstring pouches
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