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Red Foam 72 Slot Jewelry Ring Tray Liner Insert
Item 92-72E R is a 72 slot foam ring display in a soft touch red velvet with a foam base, allowing the base of this piece to firmly grip your jewelry for displaying. This foam ring insert measures 14-1/8" x 7-5/8" allowing to item to securely fit into all of our standard sized jewelry trays. The foam ring display has 72 slots allotted through out the liner, allowing each jewelry ring to have its very own display space. 
Red Foam 72 Slot Jewelry Ring Tray Liner Insert
SKU#: 92-72E R
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Product Description

Product note: Holds (72) rings and fits all full size trays.

Color: Red.

Material: Velvet-topped foam.

Size: Measures 14 1/8" long by 7 5/8" wide.

Description: Slide your rings into the easy-to-use slots on this tray liner and place the liner into a full size tray for a complete ring display! Great for traveling in a carrying case or for display in your store. Jewelry not included.
Product Specifications

red velvet tray liner
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My package had been ripped open and taped back together so tightly that the foam pads inside were squashed out of shape. When I emailed the company to complain I did not get a reply.
- George

Great price, The blue ones have better color quality and material quality.
- Darrell
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