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White Leatherette 4 Tier Jewelry Necklace Display
Take a look at this white leatherette tiered jewelry necklace display piece. This item comes with 4 levels allowing you display a different jewelry piece on each tier. The item measures 10.25" x 9.13" x 2.75" tall, allowing you to display all sizes of jewelry necklaces. Tiered pricing does apply for this item. 
White Leatherette 4 Tier Jewelry Necklace Display
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Product Description

Product note: Four tiers. Includes rear pockets for excess chains.

Color: White.

Material: Leatherette.

Size: Measures 10 1/4" deep x 9 1/8" wide x 2 3/4" high.

Description: This tiered necklace display is ideal for a display case because of its height and is also an excellent countertop display. The tiers allow you to display more than one necklace at a time, which is great for showing customers matching strands of pearls, complementary chains, or for displaying several of the same type of necklace. Jewelry not included.
Product Specifications

tiered necklace display white
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I love this and it's heavier and more solid than I had expected.
- Jamie
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