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White Leatherette Tiered Jewelry Necklace Display Easel, 12-1/2
White Leatherette Tiered Jewelry Necklace Display Easel. Measuring 8-1/4" x 12-1/2" tall, making item 60-1L (WH) a great choice to showcase your jewelry necklaces, pendants or chains. Available for printing, allowing you to add your logo and brand your necklace easels. Tiered pricing does apply. 
White Leatherette Tiered Jewelry Necklace Display Easel, 12-1/2" Tall
SKU#: 60-1L (WH)
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Product Description

Product note: Elegant economical necklace display.

Color: White.

Material: Leatherette.

Size: Measures 8 1/4" x 12 1/2" tall.

Description: This display is tiered at the top and can hold (2) necklaces, one on each tier. The top part of the display is flat, and can hold a pair of earrings on an earring card (there are not slots for the earrings). Jewelry not included.
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I really like these necklace easels
I have replaced my older "standard" necklace easels with a combination of these and the narrow/tall easels (# 67-KL (WH)). I like this easel because I can hang two necklaces on it due to the step down design on top. These are tall easels, but don't take as much counter space as standard tall easels. You can also hook a pair of french hook earrings over the top. I have had no problem with any of my easels standing up, and I've had them in the store for quite a while now.

I am really happy with these for darker pieces instead of always using black to back things. Thank you for a great product, variety and affordable pricing.
- Donna
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